Y I am in Mutiny.inFOUNDER

Jacob founded Mutiny.in as a ‘kneejerk reaction’ but fortunately has since then been tied up in matters of far greater importance such as stopping Tamil Nadu from stealing Kerala’s water, finishing his book on ‘What is Syrian about Syrian Christians’, figuring out how to make Vodka out of bananas and reading ‘How to be a dad for Dummies’. In his absence the Mutiny is managed by a team of smarter but not better looking people.

Jacob Joseph’s Homepage | jacob [at] mutiny.in (write to me if you have got a formula for banana Vodka)

Hindu Mommy
Y Hindu Mommy is in Mutiny.inBorn, raised and spoiled in Bandra (the queen of suburbs), Bombay (the best city in the world !) I believe I got the best that India has to offer in terms of diversity and cultural heritage. Growing up I attended a Catholic school and had Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Parsi, Sikh and even Jew friends wiithout religion ever interfering with our friendship.

Travelling to different parts and observing the vast differences was one of my favorite past times – Have gone from Kanyakumari to Badrinath and Goa to Lakshwadeep.

I have lived in the US the past 10 years and have stayed in different cities from Boston to Phoenix (visited California but thought it was too expensive to live there) and have visited from Orlando, Florida to Seattle, Washington.

In my past lives I have been a microbiologist, a pollution control technician, an environmental analyst and a programmer. I am currently cook, resident entertainer, chaffeur and full time employee to my two sometimes difficult bosses who cry at a whim or throw a tantrum when I don’t meet job expectations. Though I have a hard job, I get paid in the most valuable currency – smiles, hugs and kisses. I am an eternal student and never shy away from a good debate (according to my husband there are times when I debate both sides :))

I hope to add a perspective of a woman who is far away from her mother-land but still Indian at heart.
Hindu Mommy’s Blog | amma [at] mutiny.in

Y Sruthi is in Mutiny.in I graduated from college in the states a year and a half ago with an undergraduate degree in biology. I’m currently working in the chicago area, and will be going to graduate school in august 2007. I was born in bombay, and went to school there for a while before my family moved to chicago. Apart from india, i’ve also lived in oman, dubai, and canada. I went back to india in 2002, and it was the same as i remembered it, but i felt different there, since the last time i was there was when i was 13. Can’t wait to go back next summer and see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. I’ve never seen the Taj Mahal, the red fort, or many of the other tourist hotspots. Funny how when you live somewhere, you don’t really feel the need to go sightseeing unless you’re showing someone else around. I visit cnn.com and bbc everyday. I check my email multiple times a day. I love watching makeover shows on tv and plenty of trashy television. I don’t understand why indian music videos are so lewd. I love public transportation, and hate parking problems in the city. I hate the cold. I love christmas time. I used to be addicted to taco bell. I like silver, not gold. I’m not a fan of romantic comedies, but i love Love Actually. I love writing and reading although i haven’t had time to do much of either in the last few months. I’ve never written for a publication, and i don’t use my personal blog as a journal. I suck at using photoshop. I can only sleep with the fan on. I love Chicago.
Sruthi’s Blog | Sruthi’s Book Reviews | cakerfare [at] mutiny.in

YNita Nita mutinyWrote her first story when she was 11 and her first screenplay when she was 13. Studied English Literature. Degree in marketing. Worked in advertising. Back to free-lance writing. No wonder she reckons that her journal that will not fit in a trunk. A palmist for the last 35 years but does not read the future because just like in the movie ‘Back To The Future’ she believes that the future changes as we change. Has two daughters, one studying to be a designer and another to be a psychologist and considers her husband as her best friend and soul mate.
Nita’s Blog | nita [at] mutiny.in

Y Woke is in Mutiny.inSome say there was life before the internet. If there was, I was careful not to pick some remnants with me ever since I wokeupjustnow. That is besides listening to Pink Floyd almost every day and no pot, mind you. My aversion towards driving and driving instructors can be attributed to a habit of keeping track of traffic routes by remembering advertising hoardings. I am much more comfortable with typography, graphic design and architecture.
Woke’s Blog | Woke’s Design Works | woke [at] mutiny.in

Y Ujj is in Mutiny.inUjj codes, cooks, treks, reads and eats (not in that particular order), though he will be paid one day for coding only. Mountains and Fortresses attract him, so do politics, quizzing and films. Bureaucracy, hindi movies with love stories, over eager/excited first benching students -> he hates! A product of north and south indian intimacy, He is currently somewhere between west-india and reality.
Ujj’s Blog | ujj [at] mutiny.in

Y is Guru in Mutiny.inI am Guru.
I am a materials scientist with specialisation in computational materials science who is also interested in music (Carnatic and Hindustani), movies, and reading (fiction and non-fiction).
Guru’s Blog | Guru’s Homepage | guru [at] mutiny.in


Y Visvak is in Mutiny.inI’m the run-of-the-mill 14-year old teenager who enjoys low-level formatting of my PC, tweaking xorg.config files and testing the latest versions of every linux distro out there.

I thought this is pretty normal behavior until a few months ago until some one called me a geek. So thats what it is !! What do i do besides playing with my computer ? Sometimes I am suspected and charged with the offence of studying in the X std. But i have been denying that vehemently since the beginning. My other interests in life include Football, Blogging and wondering if i have any other interests in life and if any of them are actually worthwhile.
Visvak’s Blog | everythingelse [at] mutiny.in

Ravi Atluri
Y Ravi is in Mutiny.in
Atluri. Indian. 5’10”. 65Kgs. ‘m an another guy, who’s still in pursuit of a bachelors degree in information and communication technology, form some university run by the one of the most powerful business houses in India. I spend most of the time creating layouts for websites or rarely designing a few by myself, lot of ORKUTing and rarely blogging.

I’m kinda frustu about the people who STUDY and I believe a lot in LEARNing rather than studying.

I believe that the current system of education is the root cause of most of the corrupt systems around and the corrupt sectors need to be recovered by us, our generation and that we can CHANGE India. And now i end up in this village of mutineers in pursuit of accomplishing what i believe in.
Ravi’s Blog | Ravi’s Photoblog | atluri [at] mutiny.in



Swetha Iyer
YSwethaIyerSwetha is a Bharatnatyam dancer, mystery shopper & creative writer though only a Marketing analyst by profession. From the time she could read, the written word became a passion. Brought up on a diet of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drews & PG Wodehouse, as any other average Indian kid, the appetite increased steadily to anything from Ayn Rand, James Joyce to Isaac Asimov. She has aspirations to join the United Nations and succeed where Shashi Tharoor didn’t.
Her doctrine for life: Some are born to lead, some to follow. I am neither.
Swetha’s Blog | swetha [at] mutiny.in

Jerry ReghunadhY Jerry is in Mutiny.in
“What’s in a name?”, still I have got the letters on my id as Jerry. I never sit idle, I simply just can’t. 5 is always a crowd for me. Like most of the engineering guys, I too joined the software industry and currently working in the Optical Domain. There was no choice, though my interests were in Linux and Open Source.

What are my interests???- Todo bajo el sol (Everything under the sun) except for tomatoes and papaya. I like to travel. A hardcore Counter-Strike gamer and loves to play for hours. I do pencil sketching when ever I get time, but that’s like never these days.

Most of the time I decide on something and end up doing something else. Confused, I’m most of the time. But one thing I’m sure I won’t do M.B.A. for my higher studies.

If you see a guy wearing torn jeans to office, yes that’s me. I’m somewhere between sanity and insanity.

And it took me close to 45min to write this ….
Jerry’s Blog | jerrymannel [at] gmail.com

Maltesh Ashrit
Mechanical Engineering student from Goa. Listens to Bryan Adams, Eminem and Linkin Park and cannot live without the internet. What sets him apart is his interest in automobiles – besides a BMW K1200 S, he wants to buy 10 super cars with a Porsche 911 topping the list. He also want to learn the guitar not just because it sounds cool but also since he does not have to depend on electricity to play it. Before you think of raising your hand, be warned – Maltesh hates people who asks silly questions.
Maltesh’ AutoBlog | maltesh [at] mutiny.in

An ordinary Mallu guy who hails from Thrissur, in Kerala state and he thinks there is no life without music. Founder of a global platform for amateur musicians called BlogSwara and M-Pod, the Malayalam Podcaster. Jo currently works as a web designer.
Jo’s Blog | jocalling [at] mutiny.in

Y TreassaShe speaks 6 languages, can read 5, sing in 10 and managed to learn to say a very important line in a LOT of languages (stop wondering what that is, its ‘I Love You’. She also loves to sing, scream, dance, run, travel, read, sleep, eat, walk in the rain and talk a lot. Meeting people and making friends is her religion and according to her brother she has 1700 people on her orkut list (an exaggeration, she adds). In short, she is everything what she wants to be, but just happens to be in the wrong place.


26 Responses to “The Mutineers”

  1. indianoguy Says:

    Great site and I like the design, keep up the good work

  2. Rahul Says:

    Fantastic Concept.Like the Design.

  3. Vicalp Says:

    I am an IITian from Kanpur, an entrepreneur, consultant, coordinator of VICALP- a think tank with a vision of Values based, Integrative, Catalytic, Alternative, Leverage, Political options to fill the glaring political vacuum in India, founder of Noida Entrepreneurs’ Association, intrested in sports music and movies, reasonable cook and happy go lucky person.

    I am very happy about the Mutiny as it is the need of the hour and fills an important void to make VICALP a reality. VICALP has launched The 4th Struggle of Independence on 21st Dec,2006. So, that make us one of the mutineers.

    VICALP provides the foundation to unite, support and focus the mutineers to achieve their objective easily. Look out for, soon to be launched, http://www.vicalp.com for details.

  4. xasu23 Says:

    wht a team!!!

    keep it up guyz

  5. sravkum Says:

    Superb work at Mutiny Blog, after a long time I have seen a blog which speaks, shouts etc….. liked all your article and the pics in the article stands a lot and make people to read such a big articles – am very happy to come to this site….. saw ur website from desipundit.com

    nice work – is that you have got any other websites?

    I have few – you can check my main site at http://www.mavenarts.com and the site linked from that page was all developed and launched by me and one more is on the way – will sure let u know abt that. Why not have a look to my new site http://www.snehah.com and give me your comments about the site. Will be very happy to see your feedback about my sites…..

    Have a good day
    keep in touch
    once again nice work 🙂 – Good Team Work – appreciate it…..

  6. ARK Says:

    Hi Folks,

    It is great reading abt you all!
    If I become blogger, I would like one of you to write about me!
    I am now a tabla palyer and learning to sing!
    I moderate a group with a theme!
    “Worship your Own.. Respect all..”
    “Serve all beings as service to God”.
    I am used and enjoy the (more than an hour) seista for the last 2 years!

  7. Prakash Says:

    Hi Folks,

    It happend to visit Mutiny.com through a search engine, I was really amazed to see such a site with real useful contents.

    I was excited to read each and every mutineers profile,Everyone is enthusiastic, U guys are really rocking and Keep rocking…


  8. Eddie Says:

    Have just seen the site for the first time. Stylish and stimulating. Will take it in and get back for more comment. ( I live in London)

  9. MLieberman Says:

    oops wrong blog

  10. Saps Says:

    Looks different from usual ones !! try and comment on the topic of our Air chief discussion please people….

  11. ümran Says:

    na allles klar bei euch
    eure bollywood filme sind einfach hammer was kann mann noch dazu sagen einfach hammer wie ihr das macht voll geil naya mach weiter soooo

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    Sincerely yours,

    W. Glenn Howells, Ph.D.

  13. Very interesting and obiviously a fantastic site. Congrats…all da best for the future…..

  14. sonal kumar agrawal Says:

    hai, me
    i have heared about fone mine, can u tell how i can register in it.

  15. Ashfaq Ahamed Says:

    As citizens i think we have failed to do our bit towards road safety as there is no point to blame govt as govt is of the people and by the people.If everybody self regulates then there is no need for Enforcement agency

  16. salah baloch Says:

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    Ma Chokain Balochane
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    Maei Tursa Zameen Larzeet
    Maei Beemaa Kalat Jaksee
    Maa Kohain Mazar Chokain
    Maa Golarain Sheranee

    Ma Chokain Balochane
    Ma Chokain Balochane
    Salah Baloch Says:

    1. LEMAN RUSS Says:

      verficktes Scheiss und verdammtes Quatsch – es ist gegen Urindogermanisches Vaterland von das ganze Menschheit! WIR ALLE SIND NUR URINDOGERMANEN – WIR SIND KEINE VERWIRRTEREI!!!

  17. Cool team and impressive blog. Want some more effective writings. Keep up the good work.

  18. Mavi McCoy Says:

    it’s really a very nice blog…
    great work…

  19. Baba Says:

    You are great Chako. Inspite of abuses on your comments, you are sticking to the policy of Transparency / not deleting the comments. Healthy Spirit !!!

  20. CHIRAG SHAH Says:

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  21. Brita Says:

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    1. LEMAN RUSS Says:

      alle Obszonen ab nach Buchenwald


      alle Y -> alle J

      alle J -> alle DSCH

      oder hier ist “fickschreibung” statt RECHTSCHREIBUNG

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