😉 Guys !!! Take your eyes of them and tell me what brought these ‘awesome’ pics appear in a daily. Your options are (a) because they are Victoria Secret Models (b)Models from Milan Fashion Week (c) I dont care what it is, i just want to keep staring at them.

Then here is the next one …

WOW Celina Jaitly… Ohhh… What brought this photo of this bomb-shell in the papers? Options (a)Kingfisher Calender 2008 (b)She donated her clothes to the poor (c)(I see the leopard skin)She is protesting like Rakhi Sawanth against animal cruelties (d)I don’t give a damn, i just want to drool…

🙂 gotcha .. The answer is no where in the options. If u seriously burnt your brains over it, don’t blame me. Blame the reporter who put these pics in his article, blame the editor approved these contents in the paper and the least blame me for putting it here. If it was not for the pic i wouldn’t have read these articles in the first place… ( 🙂 ya thats a confession i make).

The first two models in lingerie came as the photos for an article reporting the apparent ban of FTV by the government.Now the funniest part, the second photo was for the article on Celina Jaitly’s apparent comment that “The more you dress, the more sexier you look”… 😆

Now to the real matter, FTV is banned for 2 months for beaming objectionable content programs

The official Report said : The channel has been banned for showing programmes that were against good taste and decency, denigrate women and likely to adversely effect public morality, it said.

How sad!!! Many people are going to be heart broken. What the hell. The banned a TV channel for airing such a program. Then what about this paper that have these fotos in a daily basis. This appeared in the Bangalore Times supplement of the famous Times of India news paper.The funniest thing is that Bangalore is a place where ‘Night-Life’ like pubs, discos and parties are banned after 10PM (if u call that as night life) by the police.

So the print media has the authority to print anything. If its the morale of the society that the ‘government’ is planning to protect, then this is not the way to deal things.

How many schools offer proper sex education? How many youngsters have the liberty of having an open conversation with their parents on these matters? In how many homes speaking or mentioning of sex is still a taboo? Ya they might argue that they give their kids the liberty, the freedom to have a drink with them at times. But that is what you shouldn’t encourage and teach them about much important things. At least teach them to be responsible citizens, the crime rate may come down.

So for the time being guys don’t loose heart, Mid-night Hot and Too Hot at 2 will be back after 2 months. Till then read the daily edition Bangalore Times of Times of India.

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Hindumommy started off the week with an aptly modified Gita , tailored to the lifestyle of the modern working individual.
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Nita noticed that Bihar, more aware of its unusually high illiteracy rate, began using police to enforce education for the multitude of children that do not attend school in this state. Later, she wrote about the relative stability of mutual funds and their value as an investment – but warned that returns are not as high as other arenas of the stock market. She brought to our attention the sad plight of buildings neglecting to properly maintain their elevators, and discussed India’s role in a crucial security arrangement in the Asia-Pacific region.

Jo alerted us to a novel “Ahimsa” method for creating silk textiles, then turned the spotlight to Saudabi, a Kerlatile who is now an employee at global investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Angelspace showed us the heartwrenching cases of Tsunami victims selling their kidneys for daily subsistence.

PoliteIndian wrote an interesting article on the government’s insufficient compensation to residents for purchasing their land, then researched violence in Nandigram.

Cakerfare reflected on some popular Indian festivals, and reviewed books A House on the Edge of Tears and The Space between Us.
Guru examined tensions in the pharmaceutical industry and the patent sphere, then discussed the phenomenon of Brain Drain. He also mentioned the lack of bipartisanship in the Indian government.

Swetha demonstrated that beggars sometimes make a decent salary and questioned the true potential and value of an IIT/IIM graduate.

Chacko wished the Indian cricket team luck in their match up against Bangladesh.

Vishal compiled a list of favorite blogger pastimes, and noted that a new species of leopard has been discovered in Sumatra and Borneo .

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Thanks for stopping by, and catch us again next week for more from the Mutiny team!

What do u do when all you ever had vanishes and you have no one to blame? When you lose the roof above your head, and when you have no means of winning daily bread for your family? When there are thousands of people ready to help you, but you find no help?  No Idea? Ask the Tsunami victims.

 Two years after the tsunami, billions of dollars donated by governments and individuals around the world has still not been spent on reconstruction. Figures say, of the $6.7 billion pledged, $3.5 billion has not been spent. The only people who came knocking to their doors were ‘cash -for-organ’ brokers, eyeing the huge sea of prospective ‘donors’ in front of them. Their targets: anyone with a healthy kidney. tsunami.jpg

According to a recent BBC report, around 150 people of Ernavur, Tamil Nadu, mainly women are said to have undergone the dangerous surgery, in order to pay back debts and to keep the stove burning.The average price of a kidney: Rupees 50,000. An amount very often promised, but not paid.Revathy and Maria are among the large number women who have the same sad story to tell. The Chennai Police are probing into the issue. 

Organ sales are prohibited in India and is a punishable offence, but relatives are allowed to donate to the patient. The sad and shocking part of the story is that some of these operations were carried out in government hospitals. The government, according to an anonymous aid worker, seems to be disregarding this community because it is a marginalised one and feels the government would prefer the coast was used to build hotels. But, the result is: desperate people. 

Homeless, penniless, cheated, in deep pain, helpless and some, short of a kidney, best describes the state of many of the families in the Tsunami struck areas of Tamil Nadu. Its time the government stops shutting its eyes towards the poor if it really wants to improve conditions in India, and make it ‘Shining’ or ‘Incredible!’.

The last time we wrote about Mary Kom, we couldn’t find a good picture of her.  Today the search has ended.

Mary Kom

I just love this picture. Rediff.com has more.

She comes down as the mesmerizing angel of the most secrets dreams you had. The alluring fragrance makes you a slave for her. Her stride leaves you thirsty. The glittering necklace, the robe, everything is as if it has been just made for her. She is like the eternal creation who makes you … STOP… STOP… STOP…

This is injustice, the whole world caters to the female species. The poor male is left to loom in the dark. Ok I’ll make this straight. Imagine yourself at the office in your favorite shorts on Monday morning. Eyes will pop out, short murmurings will erupt and you will be called to the BOSS’ cabin.. you are so dead… Look at it this way, the lady wants to wear a skirt. The industry is so willing to give her the options as – Party Skirts, Formal Skirts, Informal Skirts, Beach Skirts.. blah blah blah. Obviously she takes the Formal Skirts, again the options – Knee Length+side slit, knee length+front slit, knee length+back slit, 3/4th+(all 3 options), full length, full length+pleated… oh my god… And even the boss has a comment on that.

Go to a textile shop, the predominant male, has the same set of jeans and same boring set or dress to choose from. He puts on the same dress everyday, the choices are limited. The Lady on the other had has an entire industry specialized in making dress to suit her. The options are unlimited. Still she says she has nothing to wear; Goes shopping comes back with a dozen bags.

On all public occasions the male dress kill him and the females, dresses-to-kill. The male appear in dark colours for formal occasions, the ladies they come in all colours possible pink, yellow, red, orange. Peach is a fruit to men, but its a colour to them. Men are made to ‘dress-hard’, cover every inch, but women hardly-dress. We have been reduced to benign voyeurs.

Be Proud to be a Woman… What are we men Doing???

(Inspired from the article – Men in black, Women in very Little by Suhel Seth, that appeared in the TimesLife, Sunday Supplement of TOI)

On Mar 8, women in Mumbai will celebrate International Women’s Day by having the freedom to choose to be driven by women drivers taking in only women passengers.


As an added bonus, they can also get bigger mirrors, a make-up kit with a nail polish remover and a magazine rack in their taxis.


revathi_roy_taxi.jpgA new taxi company called Forsche (a play on Porsche and “for she”) will start operating taxis only for women and driven by woman drivers. The taxis will be sleek silver and white with a blue and pink “Forsche” logo.


The founder Revathi Roy, a 47-year-old former amateur rally driver plans to start with 10 cabs and 18 women drivers.

My dad would have loved for this to exist about a decade ago when I used to come back late occasionally from college and he would be waiting impatiently for me downstairs at the building gate.

My friend definitely plans to start using Forsche. She uses the company car that drops everyone off at home whenever they work odd hours but she is usually the last to get off and she hates how the driver always adjusts his rear view mirror after the rest of the folks get off to leer back at her.

I’m sure this will be a bonus to the working women in Mumbai. Maybe not everyone makes enough to pay individually for the luxury of a taxi ride everyday, but if a couple of friends chip in – it would be relatively affordable and definitely decrease the stress of everyday travel…maybe they can even start enjoying late night travel and have taxi groups where they can play “antakshari” or gossip – like the many train groups that are found in local Mumbai trains J.

Here’s hoping that Forsche takes off in a big way in Mumbai which is one of the safer cities for women in India – so the women in the rest of the Indian cities can also start experiencing the peace of traveling home late at night .

Photo sourced from AP

Read more on This cab is for ladies only (The Times of India)

tinyiwdThe International Womens Day (IWD) marks a celebration of economic, social, cultural and political achievements for women. A day that came to existence as a communist holiday and then went on to be established,in 1977 by the United  Nations,as a special day to provide an opportunity to celebrate the progress made to advance equality for women and to assess the challenges that remain.The United Nations’ theme for International Women’s Day in 2007 is “Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls.”

IWD is celebrated around the world by organising events such as rallies, discussions, cultural events, breakfasts and many more in over 41 countries. All the details can be seen at the official website of iwd1IWD.Many companies have been supporting the IWD for years which include HSBC, Cisco, Aviva, Deloitte. along with Organisations such as UNIFEM and Women Watch, Aurora , UNESCO and many more. 

Read on about the history of IWD and more here

So, to all the Ladies out there…”Have a Fabulous IWD and remember..Today is YOUR day(and so is everyother day ;-))!!!”

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