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Even as this topic was being discussed at mutiny another victim succumbs to the menace called stray dogs. And this time the victim is all of four years, a toddler who went out to play with his friends but was killed by wild street dogs. Manju was playing hide-and-seek with his friends when the dogs attacked him and caught him in their jaws and dragged him across the open ground. He was spotted by his neighbours and rushed to Manipal Hospital late last night. Doctors battled for his life close to nine hours but could not save the kid.

The article as it appeared in the Times of India.

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[Manju, Pic Courtesy: Deccan Herald]

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[His grieving parents, Pic Courtesy: Deccan Herald]

Our deep felt sympathies with the family of Manju.


25 days ago the Cauvery verdict was announced and it has been 25 days since all the prominent Tamil channels have been banned in Karnataka. What’s the connection one may ask?Apparently one section of the society states that the cable operators association is supporting the government’s decision in opposing the decision of the tribunal, while others feel that the cable operators fear the wrath of the Kannada activists. Yet another group rationalizes that viewers may get influenced or agitated, as the case might be, seeing the reactions in Tamil nadu. But nobody, not even the cable operators seem to know how this ban came into effect and nor are they aware when the situation is going to be reversed.

Freedom of expression is one of the most fundamental of all rights yet our government feels the need to regulate it. So what can we next expect after banning channels, websites & blogs? What kind of a freedom do we enjoy if we need to be spoon-fed predigested news, either on TV or in mainstream print? And what in the name of the good lord are consumer rights?

Except a few disgruntled voices here and there nobody seems to care enough to even muster a protest. And to think that some pompous bureaucrat sitting in his office & passing such blanket regulations, with no explanations whatsoever, is totally unjustified and irks me no end.

Now that the Karnataka government has rejected the decision of the Central tribunal and are seeking legal review, when do we get our channels back please?

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Mutiny Weekly Roundup Feb 12-18 2007

What better way to start the week than being nominated for the Indibloggies Best Group/Community Blog. Chacko, busy tackling a flurry of attacks (which he calls ‘limelight’) found time to rake up an issue or two with the Indibloggies poll system. Debashish was quick to clarify though.

Reflecting on the acquisition spree by Indian companies abroad, Sri made an excellent summary on the short term and long term outlook of these developments. Not long ago, he had pointed out a Tatanic Blunder.

Guru’s post about the plagiarism charges against the Mashelkar committee generated plenty of discussion. He followed it up with an analysis of the associated issues and then gave us a link to ponder.

“The fundamental fact is that this universe has limits”, is important in deciding upon alternatives, making choices and taking policy and strategic decisions.” Suhit pointed out that India’s and China’s strategic interest on bio-fuels can be potentially disastrous and may create an unprecedented water crisis.

Nita started off her week by discovering a new caste system in nursery schools. She went on to point out why the Congress lost the Maharashtra civic elections and wondered why India is not following the footsteps of China in the fight against corruption. And she certainly did not miss forgotten actress Sarika’s new avatar.

The new candidate for the President of India also proved to be an interesting topic as chacko reckoned that Mr. Bachan confessed to him about his lack of interest in politics. Chacko’s money is now on Narayana Murthy (and thankfully Shilpa Shetty is not in the scene as yet) while Nita pledges her support for A P J Kalam’s second term.

Maltesh gave us some interesting predictions as for what finance minister, Mr. Chidambaram’s kitty bag will have in the 2007 Annual Budget while Jo was in Kerala discovering more about Theyyam, an ancient socio-religious ceremony and interviewing a renowned Theyyam performer in his two-part series. Later during the week, Maltesh also pointed out how the Nithari Killings prompted a new Child Abuse Bill.

Valentines day in India is not exactly roses and mushy poems as Cakefare found out while Swetha traced the perennial shortage of coins India to a shopping mall.

But undoubtedly, the week belonged to chacko for threatening to sue for ‘inciting hatred’. What followed was an interesting debate barring a few visitors who started an anti-christian tirade without even taking the trouble to read the full post. Chacko signed up as a ‘Swayamsevak in the RSS‘ to settle the issue but was ultimately banned.

Follow all the action here at the Great Indian Mutiny.

India taking over acquisitions

In 90’s when late P.M PV Narsimha Rao laid the foundations for freeing up of our economy, i heard too many people saying that our Indian corporations were not yet ready to face the competition. Much of that fear had to do with lack of equity, low quality production, huge pricing power due to no-competition etc. Indian companies then were not ready to give up their pricing power and ramp up quality production and thus were against (not really against, but forced the political leadership to go slow) opening up of our economy. However, Our country slowly started freeing up economy and fortunately too our companies had worked hard to grow on par with global standards.

Let us first list the recent star acquisitions.
1) Tata’s acquiring of Corus valued at $12.2 Billions
2) Hindalco acquiring NOvellis a canadian company valued at $6 Billion
3) Videocon acquiring Daewoo electronics valued at $1 Billion
4) Tata Tea acquired Energy brand valued at $677 Millions
5) Dr Reddy’s acquired Beta Pharm valued at $572 millions
6) Suzlon energy acquired Hansen Transmission valued at $565 Millions
7) Aban Lloyd acquired Sinvest valued at $425 millions
8. ONGC acquired Omimex De columbia valued at $425 millions
9) Ranbaxy acquired Terapia valued at $324 millions
10) Ranbaxy is also in talks with Merck for acquiring one of its subsidiary and is a multi billion dollar deal.

If we closely look at these deals they are from variety of market segments like commodtites, pharma, OIL and Gas, beverages etc. This is pretty much a healthy trend and is instilling a confidence among us that our Indian companies are scaling up globally. Just few years ago, we were looking upto microsoft, yahoo, oracle etc to start their development centres here. We were very much interested in having MNC’s here and it was talk of the country when A.P Chief Minister wooed Bill Gates with Power Point presentation to set up microsoft subsidiary in Hyderabad. Now all that changed, Indian companies are MNCs for West and rest. Indian companies now have moved off of their protectionist mindset to that of confident mindset. They have started acquiring companies abroad. How did all this change in a span of 10 years? The change we are witnessing now is very dramatic and sudden. What caused that change or what is pushing them to shun fear?

There are several factors and i know i will not be able to do a complete justice in highlighting the exhaustive list of factors.
1) Our nation is ever young atleast for next 50 years. This is definitely morale booster for Indian companies as this younger generation will be their customers for long.
2) Thanks to middle class families who have invested heavily in education. This created a large pool of educated masses and made our nation ever ready to face any challenge. We will continue to reap this for forseable future.
3) Thanks to our corporations, who have reaped rich dividends for long(with no competition at all in their space) and are awash with cash to invest and ramp up their productions on par with global standards.
4) Thanks to our government whic saw the coming global oppurtunity and slowly started replacing Red tapism with Red carpets.

Our nation had enough cylinders to fire and start the growth story, but it didn’t happen untill we witnessed the great recession of West. While the West was facing recession, the great brain drain from Indian shores starting paying off.
The talent which India was loosing in 90’s and up untill early 2000 gave the West a glimpse of India and its potential.
The outsourcing story followed and companies like Infosys became brand India for us and also for West. With no prospects in the Western economy the investors started stashing their money in India and believed the Indain growth story. Untill then India Inc had reasonable growth and gave its investors healthy returns. But, with investors continued confidence and pouring capital the stock market witneseed it’s peaks often and is at all time high today. With such investor activity, the Indian companies cannot give the kind of returns the market is expecting. With surge in Market capitalizations of Indian companies, they have no other option but to grow. The growth can be both Organic and In-organic. Organic growth(natural growth) is slow and will happen, but investors can’t wait that long to see it pay dividends. The only option left before the companies is in-organic growth and that is what we are witnessing.

The market is dictating and the Indian companies are delivering, so the growth story is accelerating at a pace which we didn’t expect. The investors are smart here. They are taking money out of West depressing the company stock there and are stashing it in India and forcing us to buy those deppressed companies in West.
What is actually happening is movement of money from West to East. The money hence will be in better hands and will see growth before it moves elsewhere. There is ample proof of this trend. Hindalco is much smaller in market cap compaed to Novellis and similarly Tatas too is small compared to Corus and still we saw deals going through only because institutional investors wanted it that way.

However, small investors like us should be mindfull of short term fall in stock prices as the stocks plunge due to such acquisitions.

Happy New Year and Eid Mubarak to all of you from mutineers.

The Great Indian Mutiny had a fabulous year. We are getting new readers everyday and its increasing day by day. We are now in Top 100 blogs of India. Thus makes it thrilling and exciting for us. As we move forward we will raise more issues which are close to our hearts and relevant to all. In aspiring this we need your invaluable support, feedback, new ideas and tips. Please let us know your thoughts.

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Merry Christmas to all our readers and their family members. Enjoy your holidays safely and happily.

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