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Jo started off the week with the tragic news of Laurie Baker’s death. He also blogged about how Google played an April Fool prank and the ABCs of audio/music blogging
Nita wrote about some students who have moderate views on reservations. She is concerned that couples can no longer enjoy sunsets on sea fronts without looking over their shoulders and is worried about wild Life in India which is under grave threat
Swetha takes a sneak peek at Sivaji – Rajnikant’s Next Blockbuster
Jerry blogged prolifically about Eragon, Mid-Night Hot and The New Detectives  CPM. He rants about why the M6A1 is being deployed overseas.
Guru tells us about Network Computers and provided some very informative links in HowTo: Startups
Chacko writes about  a league for cricket and  gives his opinion on the BJP. He also shows us a very  interesting piece of Indian art in a restaurant in Smash Menu.
Cakerfare informs us about ATM Access in Bihar
Maltesh writes about Logan and opines that we should not give a reservation to folks who don’t want to stay in India
Gentledude writes about the ubiquitous hand pump
Sridhar ended the week informing us that Musharraf is deliberately letting Talibanization creep into main cities
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F1 Street Race in Delhi?

Well, we had heard, the business tycoon in pursuit of a F1 track in India, and so determined is he that the track’s plans are already being proposed to the Delhi CM, Sheila Dixit.

Dr Vijay Mallya – ‘The King of Good Times’ is reportedly keen on having a Monte Carlo style track in India i.e. he wants a street race F1 track. The circuit of the Monte Carlo criss-crosses the city, and hence making it a street race, and Dr Mallya want the same over here in Delhi.

He believes that the Rajpath – India Gate stretch would be an ideal path.

The racing track in Monaco runs through the city and Mallya says the Rajpath-India Gate stretch would be ideal for an F1 style street race.

More so form the report from,

In fact so serious is the Chairman of the Kingfisher Group about his dream that an international track designer is expected to visit the Capital to find an appropriate location.

Dr.Mallya was alaso quoted saying,

“We will submit two proposals – one for a new track and other for a street race. Rajpath, India gate and Vigyan Bhawan is a superb stretch”

The Delhi CM, seems agreeing with the ideas…

Mallya has even managed to win over Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit who has welcomed the idea of a Monaco-style street race.

It doesn’t seem that fine with me as, the same Government that once had rejected the track proposed in Hyderabad, by then CM Chandrababu Naidu, saying that that it wont help any poor, now seems to be backing the very same proposal in state, that’s run by the same party.

Now whatever the politics may be, I’m very much dedlighted over the news that the efforts to get a Formula One Grand Prix to India, are moving forward. I would like to see our home grown hero, Narain Karthikeyan, storm to a chequered flag, on his home soil.

(Shown in pic is the Monte Carlo Circuit, in Monaco. Pic Courtesy: Wikipedia)

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Now you know!!!

Any ideas which newspaper this is from??

Manjunath S got his justice today. Precisely on the day when Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru were hanged 76 years ago. Easy parallels can be drawn between Manjunath and our most renowned freedom fighters for both were young, brave and gave their live for their belief & principles.

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To juggle our reader’s memory (which I doubt would be needed) – Manjunath Shanmugham Sales Manager of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) was murdered on 19th November 2005 in cold-blood because he stood up against a corrupt owner of a petrol bunk. His murder brought to forefront the ramapant adulteration of petrol & the mafia behind it. The news of the killing of a brave young official who refused to accept bribes and withstood threats sent shock waves across the country.

Thanks to nationwide protests, online petitions and candlelight marches the case was given its due and after a full enquiry today the eight accused have been found guilty. Now we have to await and see what punishment is meted out to these accused.

This verdict somewhat reinforces the belief in our otherwise failing justice system.

[Image Source: Businessworld India]

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1983One of the few advantages of being a supporter of the Indian Cricket team from a really young age is that you become really good at Mathematics.
No, I don’t mean just counting scores but averages and more importantly, “NRR”.
NRR, net run rate, is deadly, it can make or break a team’s chances.

So will India be able to make it to Super-Eight. Let’s see what ‘NRR crystal ball’ has in store for us.

India now just needs to beat Sri Lanka without worrying about the net run-rate.
Sri Lanka now heads the Group B with a net run-rate of +4.5937. India is second with a net run-rate of +2.507.
A victory by even one run (batting first) or off the last ball (batting second) over Sri Lanka will take India through to the next stage.
Since Bangladesh will be playing its last league match against Bermuda after India-Sri Lanka game, theoretically it will have a chance to better India’s NRR, but to do this Bangladesh has to produce something unimaginable.

If India beats Sri Lanka under the circumstances mentioned above, then to beat India on NRR the target for Bangladesh in the match against Bermuda will be:

If Bangladesh bats first
Bangladesh has to score 600 and restrict Bermuda to 168
Bangladesh has to score 550 and restrict Bermuda to 117
Bangladesh has to score 500 and restrict Bermuda to    67
Bangladesh has to score 450 and restrict Bermuda to   16

If Bermuda bats first
Bangladesh can not overhaul India’s NRR even if it bundles out Bermuda for a total of 50 and achieves the target in first over itself!

India can still make it to Super-8 despite losing to Sri Lanka on 23rd. But for that Bangladesh has to lose to Bermuda 🙂

This is the Indian cricket team you are talking about, anything is impossible.

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Hindumommy started off the week with an aptly modified Gita , tailored to the lifestyle of the modern working individual.
She also commented on Master Blaster, a comic book series about a superhero swinging into the Indian scene and loosely based on Indian cricketeer Sachin Tendulkar.

Nita noticed that Bihar, more aware of its unusually high illiteracy rate, began using police to enforce education for the multitude of children that do not attend school in this state. Later, she wrote about the relative stability of mutual funds and their value as an investment – but warned that returns are not as high as other arenas of the stock market. She brought to our attention the sad plight of buildings neglecting to properly maintain their elevators, and discussed India’s role in a crucial security arrangement in the Asia-Pacific region.

Jo alerted us to a novel “Ahimsa” method for creating silk textiles, then turned the spotlight to Saudabi, a Kerlatile who is now an employee at global investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Angelspace showed us the heartwrenching cases of Tsunami victims selling their kidneys for daily subsistence.

PoliteIndian wrote an interesting article on the government’s insufficient compensation to residents for purchasing their land, then researched violence in Nandigram.

Cakerfare reflected on some popular Indian festivals, and reviewed books A House on the Edge of Tears and The Space between Us.
Guru examined tensions in the pharmaceutical industry and the patent sphere, then discussed the phenomenon of Brain Drain. He also mentioned the lack of bipartisanship in the Indian government.

Swetha demonstrated that beggars sometimes make a decent salary and questioned the true potential and value of an IIT/IIM graduate.

Chacko wished the Indian cricket team luck in their match up against Bangladesh.

Vishal compiled a list of favorite blogger pastimes, and noted that a new species of leopard has been discovered in Sumatra and Borneo .

Ujj wrote an insightful piece on the prevalence of fallacious resumes, and later reviewed the book Hitchhiker by Vinod George Joseph.

Jerry introduced us to future space tourist George Kulangara.

Maltesh gave us a glimpse into the Geneva Auto Show, then presented us with an environmentally friendly liquor.

Thanks for stopping by, and catch us again next week for more from the Mutiny team!

In about 48 hours, India will take on Bangladesh at Trinidad. Can India win the World Cup this time?

Let’s hope so. Here’s wishing the Indian cricket team all the best from the Mutiny.

India Cricket

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