😉 Guys !!! Take your eyes of them and tell me what brought these ‘awesome’ pics appear in a daily. Your options are (a) because they are Victoria Secret Models (b)Models from Milan Fashion Week (c) I dont care what it is, i just want to keep staring at them.

Then here is the next one …

WOW Celina Jaitly… Ohhh… What brought this photo of this bomb-shell in the papers? Options (a)Kingfisher Calender 2008 (b)She donated her clothes to the poor (c)(I see the leopard skin)She is protesting like Rakhi Sawanth against animal cruelties (d)I don’t give a damn, i just want to drool…

🙂 gotcha .. The answer is no where in the options. If u seriously burnt your brains over it, don’t blame me. Blame the reporter who put these pics in his article, blame the editor approved these contents in the paper and the least blame me for putting it here. If it was not for the pic i wouldn’t have read these articles in the first place… ( 🙂 ya thats a confession i make).

The first two models in lingerie came as the photos for an article reporting the apparent ban of FTV by the government.Now the funniest part, the second photo was for the article on Celina Jaitly’s apparent comment that “The more you dress, the more sexier you look”… 😆

Now to the real matter, FTV is banned for 2 months for beaming objectionable content programs

The official Report said : The channel has been banned for showing programmes that were against good taste and decency, denigrate women and likely to adversely effect public morality, it said.

How sad!!! Many people are going to be heart broken. What the hell. The banned a TV channel for airing such a program. Then what about this paper that have these fotos in a daily basis. This appeared in the Bangalore Times supplement of the famous Times of India news paper.The funniest thing is that Bangalore is a place where ‘Night-Life’ like pubs, discos and parties are banned after 10PM (if u call that as night life) by the police.

So the print media has the authority to print anything. If its the morale of the society that the ‘government’ is planning to protect, then this is not the way to deal things.

How many schools offer proper sex education? How many youngsters have the liberty of having an open conversation with their parents on these matters? In how many homes speaking or mentioning of sex is still a taboo? Ya they might argue that they give their kids the liberty, the freedom to have a drink with them at times. But that is what you shouldn’t encourage and teach them about much important things. At least teach them to be responsible citizens, the crime rate may come down.

So for the time being guys don’t loose heart, Mid-night Hot and Too Hot at 2 will be back after 2 months. Till then read the daily edition Bangalore Times of Times of India.

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She comes down as the mesmerizing angel of the most secrets dreams you had. The alluring fragrance makes you a slave for her. Her stride leaves you thirsty. The glittering necklace, the robe, everything is as if it has been just made for her. She is like the eternal creation who makes you … STOP… STOP… STOP…

This is injustice, the whole world caters to the female species. The poor male is left to loom in the dark. Ok I’ll make this straight. Imagine yourself at the office in your favorite shorts on Monday morning. Eyes will pop out, short murmurings will erupt and you will be called to the BOSS’ cabin.. you are so dead… Look at it this way, the lady wants to wear a skirt. The industry is so willing to give her the options as – Party Skirts, Formal Skirts, Informal Skirts, Beach Skirts.. blah blah blah. Obviously she takes the Formal Skirts, again the options – Knee Length+side slit, knee length+front slit, knee length+back slit, 3/4th+(all 3 options), full length, full length+pleated… oh my god… And even the boss has a comment on that.

Go to a textile shop, the predominant male, has the same set of jeans and same boring set or dress to choose from. He puts on the same dress everyday, the choices are limited. The Lady on the other had has an entire industry specialized in making dress to suit her. The options are unlimited. Still she says she has nothing to wear; Goes shopping comes back with a dozen bags.

On all public occasions the male dress kill him and the females, dresses-to-kill. The male appear in dark colours for formal occasions, the ladies they come in all colours possible pink, yellow, red, orange. Peach is a fruit to men, but its a colour to them. Men are made to ‘dress-hard’, cover every inch, but women hardly-dress. We have been reduced to benign voyeurs.

Be Proud to be a Woman… What are we men Doing???

(Inspired from the article – Men in black, Women in very Little by Suhel Seth, that appeared in the TimesLife, Sunday Supplement of TOI)

My post on created a lot of noise. There were some relevant voices but most were from people who were looking for an opportunity to vent their long bottled up sense of insecurity.

As my set deadline of March 1, approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to make a concluding note on the topic. I hope this will put aside the false filth and threats that have been targeted against me.

For a start, I have communicated my concern and complaint to my MP, who is taking up the matter with the concerned ministry. I will make sure whatever happens will be done without any additional publicity for the concerned hate website.

A few of the commentators on that post questioned my patriotism and loyalty to the nation. I frankly don’t care. I don’t think there is any reason to prove anything to these insecure individuals and organisations.

Rahul GandhiThis experience has however taught me Hinduism is under threat. Not only by ‘god women’ who treat our national flag like a floor mat. But from organisations like who seems to more concerned about what Islam, Christianity and Rahul Gandhi are doing than HinduUnity itself. is a disgrace to Hinduism. What does spreading filth about Rahul Gandhi raping a woman got to do with Hinduism or Hindu unity? Aren’t these people tarnishing they image of six millennium old religion?

Here is their tagline, “If the love for my country Bharat is considered Hindu Militancy, then so be it !!

This is sad.

Oh, is based in the US run by Americans too. Ironic, isn’t it?

Ralph Fiennes Lisa Robertson Photo

Qantas stewardess Lisa Robertson has revealed that she had unprotected sexual encounters with Hollywood actor Ralph Fiennes in the Intercontinental Mumbai after their brief fling aboard the Darwin-Mumbai flight. The Mail on Sunday had a field day publishing details about their encounter, how Lisa who was staying at The Grand Hyatt and was called over by Fiennes to his hotel room. Upon reaching the hotel room, Lisa was apparently ‘a bit shocked’ because Fiennes asked for unprotected sex.

Later during his visit, Fiennes spent time visiting villages in India preaching safe sex and talking to HIV patients. There are around 5.1 million HIV patients in India including 202,000 children of which nearly 60,000 are born with the virus every year. UNICEF India is one of the active partners in the governments campaign against AIDS.

But I am quite sure there should be someone better than Mr. Fiennes to fit in the role of a HIV Ambassador.

In wake of the Nithari killings; the Centre has finally felt the need of bill that addresses such crimes. The Ministry of Women and Child Development is bringing in a Bill, to prevent crimes against children especially sexual abuse and exploitation. The draft of The Prevention of Offences against Children Bill 2007 is ready and is awaiting the Cabinets approval, before being introduced in the Parliament.

The bill, aims to act upon people committing heinous acts of crime against children. As we have observed, in the recent year these crimes have no specific law to deal with and are treated under the existing laws.

As I learnt from an Indian Express report,

The legislations which specifically deal with physical, economic and sexual abuse of children are Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956, Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, and Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000. Certain provisions of the Indian Penal Code also deal with physical and sexual abuse of children.

As per a report on TOI today this bill has been drafted, keeping in mind the child psychology, and the trauma he/she undergoes during such crimes. Apart from stringent punishment for the accused, the bill also has provisions for rehabilitations of the accused.

The Ministry says that sexual abuse harassment and child pornography are the worst forms of child abuse and issues like these need specific attention.

Identifying “sexual and economic exploitation, domestic violence, trafficking for prostitution, corporal punishment at school and others” as child abuse, the ministry notes that issues ranging from health, nutrition, sports and recreation, other than protection from exploitation and abuse have already been taken up by the government through constitutional provisions, law, government policies and schemes.

This was a much needed law in India considering the rate of occurrence of such crimes. It’s because of the Nithari Killings that the Government is acting upon it. I believe that such laws should have been in place, ever since the child trafficking issue had surfaced a couple of years ago. I was Google-ing on this topic that I found some more information.

As in Wikipedia,

In addition, many states include in their penal code a so-called “Romeo exception”. This exception deals with situations in which a young adult above the age of consent performs a sexual activity with a someone under the age of consent; it exempts the young adult from being charged with a sex offense if the adult’s age is within three years of the minor’s age, and the adult did not use force or coercion on the minor. Another exemption under states sexual abuse laws that exists in some states applies to adults legally married to minors. Thus, said adults can legally have sexual relations with their spouses without violating the law

In addition, I found sites of similar laws from other countries. Canadian laws identify children less than 14 years of age as minors, US and Scotland have stringent laws that crack down upon the accused.

In India, we have TULIR – Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse (CPHCSA), a registered, nongovernmental, non-profit organization committed to working against child sexual abuse in India. They have many services and programs like Personal Safety Education, Healing & Intervention etc for the cause.

What more, is to see to it that this law are used effectively to their fullest power. Rather than piling cases in courts these laws should be so designed, so that immediate action can be taken by responsible officials. The offenders should be punished for the mark they leave on the young tender minds. Citizens, should be made aware of not just the law but also which crimes come under this law, as many can use the term ‘Sexual Abuse’ in their own content and have their own meanings. All such issues should be clearly stated in the bill, so that it can’t be bent the way the accused want.

So how do you say “Hey you desperate sex-starved Indian lads, we are going to make you happy” in perfect business rhetoric. Just ask Rasina Uberoi of Media Transasia India, publishers of the Maxim, the worlds biggest mens lifestyle magazine in India.
“Indian men are screaming out for a magazine such as Maxim and we are thrilled that we will be the first publisher to be able to satisfy the enormous demand in the market.”

It seems Maxim is not the only one out here in India to wipe out the crumpled Debonair magazines hidden in the Indian lad’s cupboard. OK and Playboy is here too and will probably be followed by at least half a dozen new international ‘lad’ magazines this year. Not surprisingly all these magazines will appear in their toned down versions, especially Playboy India but the headlines does try and match up with the Brit counterparts; well-enough to make any copywriter cringe – (‘More Kareena, Less clothes’! and ‘Eye Frying Pics of Mallika Sherawat’ for starters.)

Maxim India Kareena Katrina Priyanka
The publishing houses seems to have done their homework in being successful to avoid the ire of the official and unofficial moral police to an extent. The price of 100 Rs + is a good deterrent if you are planning to buy and burn them and add to that the likes of Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor promising more than what you would find in a Filmfare or Stardust. You might not even need a bunch of photoshop wannabes toying with a forgotten actress like Khushboo or even more adventurously with CPI-M leader Brinda Karat to boost circulation figures.

The first movie i ever saw in the theaters was Hum Aapke Hain Koun, in a large theater in a suburb of Bombay. I was ten years old then. I remember getting chills when it was time for a song and dance routine, but thinking back on it now, it wasn’t a fantastic movie by any means. But, I still remember the movie for its ridiculous characters, the dramatic overacting on the part of Salman Khan, and for the vibrant costumes. One thing I cannot recall from the movie, however, is any scene involving physical relations between the characters, although one could make assumptions as to what might have occurred.

Now, there are noticeably more sexual innuendos and issues relating to problems arising from this very phenomenon. Some of these conundrums include pregnancy, extramarital affairs, or just plain getting caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do. While some of these topics are in fact issues that need to be addressed, the Indian film industry, although leaps and bounds from blatant avoidance of these topics, still regards them with some caution. While such scenes are rampant in American movies, they’re far less frequent and more understated in Bollywood. Even a slight deviation, for example a french kiss, causes quite a stir as in the movie Dhoom2 . 

With the recent confirmation of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan’s engagement, reports have surfaced that the Bachchan family asked for the kissing scene between Ms. Rai and Dhoom  co-star Hrithik Roshan to be edited from the version of the film that will be shown in theaters. If the scene was retained in the movie, there would undoubtedly be questions about Ms. Rai’s “morals”, which might put a strain on the marriage. The fact that this was merely a movie, that it was fictional, that it was done in character, would mean very little to the scrutinizing media, who might take it as a opportunity to generate rumors of a romance between the Dhoom co-stars. Is it necessary to censor parts of movies that both actors consented to at the time of production? If an actor is against acting in roles that require him/her to participate in physical scenes, kissing or otherwise, they should make it clear from the beginning and take a stand rather than agreeing to the terms of the contract and asking for removal of the scene afterward. However, this could prove difficult to assert in India, where discussion or portrayal of sex is still extremely taboo.

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