For the first time in the history of Asian Games, Indian hockey team returned  medal less. The do or die match with republic of Korea ended in a draw  and the league match that we lost to China cost us the place in the next  round. To be honest we never seemed like we were out to win, that we  were eager to get home a gold medal. I think much of this is due to the  fact that the only time hockey is mentioned in India is durign the Olympics, world cup  and these asian games and some tours, so around three or four times a  year. Mr KPS Gill said it was dissapointing. Well Mr Gill you can say that  again. Nobody cares for hockey, people (including the writer) follow even  the English Premier League but not our national sport. I think its a question  worth spending some time on. Is it because cricket seems to complement  our new global identity? but we are not even doing well in cricket now a  days, but im very sure  that people will again stick to the TV sets on 15th as  we begin our test matches in South Africa.
India had a golden era in Hockey and not just one or two good seasons, an  era that continued for over ten years. A sport that has such a rich history  cant lose its importance like this. Do a handfull of multi national companies  really decide whats hip in this country or do we do ourselves? I am not  entirely sure if its the latter. We can blame the coach and the out of form  team but the fact is that once we begin not caring, the initiatives that players  have to take starts becoming less important and eventually becomes  worthless. Some time back something called Premier Hockey League  began in India with the objective of exploring the talent and popularising  hockey by encouraging startups of independent clubs like that in football. I  would be understating if I said that it failed to do so. If Hockey is to become  popular again it has to do what cricket did so sucessfully, become  something more than just a sport. Premier Hockey League has to look for some really good marketing. Selling merchandise on the web simply wont  help. If youve ever watched a hockey match, youd know that it is in no way less exciting than a football match, of course you can differ from me on this,  its just that most people who never follow hockey are the ones who have  never seen a hockey match and this is again due to inferior marketing.
Btw heres an update on the Doha Asian Games. India has got its seventh gold medal in womens racing. Sania just lost the womens singles finals in  tennis but she was brilliant as ever. Sania, you go girl. As of now India 43 medals (7 G, 17 S, 19 B). Full rankings here.


I got news for everyone out there. It’s the National Sports Day today!! Yeah, we’ve been hearing about the Arjuna Awards over the past couple of days. But, when the day comes no newspaper reports about it.

It is actually the birth anniversary of arguably the greatest sportsperson India has ever produced.. Major Dhyan Chand.

They broke his stick in Holland (1928) to check for a magnet; the Japanese (1932) decided it was glue; Adolf Hitler (1936) offered to make him a corporal.

I am too distraught to write more on this. Go here, here and here to read more about him.

Hindumommy’s post yesterday made me think on how many times less than Tendulkar a hockey player earns. We all have a special place in our hearts for cricket. But not giving the others their due and news such as these disturb me. I just noticed, even at Mutiny, we had a separate tag for cricket and only one to cover all the other sports. National Game, anyone?

Sandeep Singh, member of the Indian Hockey team for the World Cup next month, was shot accidentally by a Railway Protection Force jawan while traveling on Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi.

Now, how many cricketers can you list down who travel by train, who have met with an accident of any kind. It’s news today. Everyone will forget about it by tomorrow. Unlike a particularly famous elbow which hogged headlines for months at end.

On second thoughts, things are improving. About ten years back, my cousin traveling in an unreserved compartment from Delhi-Ambala managed to get me autographs of Pargat Singh and Mukesh Kumar, who were his co-passengers on the opposite berths. Sandeep at least was travelling in a Shatabdi.