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Listen to this – “US caused the Nandigram killings”, “CIA running a media-syndicate in Kerala”. Stop smiling .. its serious.. its the latest intelligence report from CPM(ya its our own communist party).

US intelligence agency sponsoring a “media syndicate” in God’s Own Country to drive wedges into the Left, and destroy the VS Achuthanandan government in the state.“If what our intelligence reports say on such activity is found serious enough, the Central Government would be informed,” VS Achuthanandan.[Indian Express Report]

What does he mean by our intelligence reports?Is it KGB? May be, but this time it could be Kerala Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti and not Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti. Stop blaming and try to so something useful for the Nation. Let the Intelligence work be done by RAW. We didnt elect you to do make baseless comments like this.

VS also added that he would “neither deny nor confirm”

Well watch out they might even come out with the news that MI6 cause India’s exit from the Wordcup so that England has a chance.

The Reports – Economic Times News – CPM blames US for Nandigram(you would require an IndiaTimes ID to view the news)

Indian Express News – God’s Own Country fights ‘CIA demon’

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Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel are among my favorite and I’m like glued to these channels for hours. Lately i was watching the show where they show the construction and other details of this M6A1 Tank of the U.S. Armed Forces.

I was totally glued to the program and i enjoyed the program about these mean machine.

Towards the end there was this statement that totally got me off guard. It was the concluding line of the program and it went like this – “.. and Its ready to be deployed over-seas!!!” 😮 .. what the hell.

Aren’t these things meant to protect once own home land or is it to destroy someone else’s overseas. Now i’m thinking twice of watching these programs. If its meant to display the arsenal and military strength of some country run by stupid politicos who fool their people when wrecking the peace at some distant place, No Way, i got better use with my time.

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That India is an emerging power has never been as evident as it is now! The powers that be are eager to invite India to be part of a new security arrangement.
Quoting from the Australian

The Japanese Government and US Vice-President Dick Cheney are keen to include the growing economic and military power of India in the already enhanced “trilateral” security arrangements, locking together the three most powerful democracies of the Asia-Pacific region.

The common enemy? China ofcourse:

India’s military power, economic growth and geographic position would significantly offset China’s emerging power, which is of concern to many in the Bush administration.

Apparently, the US and Japan are really pushing for this new alignment. And now that a historic security declaration between Japan and Australia has been signed, security, intelligence and military relations are at the highest level they have been since World War II! But still, this is not enough for the world powers. They want India.

But if nations are eager to gang up against China, it’s China’s own fault. Speaking from India point of view…well, India knows she has to join this gang, and quickly. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if India herself has been quietly working to persuade the US to push for this. So what is China doing that is a cause for worry for India?

Remember that visit of Chinese premier in April 2005? Then, and more recently in late 2006, China said that it did not accept Arunachal Pradesh as Indian Territory. You can also read what the Wiki has to say about this issue.
Also, China does not support India’s claims on Kashmir and nor on Sikkim.
China continues to supply missiles to Pakistan. China ofcourse denies this vehemently but the Americans say that they have the proof.
Pakistan is not the only country China is cosying up to. It has defence agreements with
Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh as well.

Oh, and China is helping Pakistan with Gwadar port as a base for its navy, although now there seem to be some disagreements over the finances. China is doing something similar in Sri Lanka as well! It has concluded an initial agreement worth US$360 million for the construction of the Hambantota harbour in southern Sri Lanka.

Then there are also those who firmly believe that China clandestinely supports secessionist movements in the north-east of India, although no hard proof has been found.

Is it any wonder then that China has increased it’s defence budget this year by 18 percent? It needs plenty of moolah to support all these activities. Activities which are a threat to India. Its staring at us in the face. China has already surrounded India.

The Chinese are doing what they feel is best for their country. They want to be supreme in Asia and India is a strong contender to the position. Besides this, there are other little pinpricks. China hates it that India is giving refuge to the Dalai Lama and therefore to Tibet.

The United States is as worried about China as India is. No, much more. China is getting powerful, not just militarily but also economically. Goldman Sachs has predicted that China will overtake the United States economically by 2039. A pretty scary prospect for the US huh? And for us too. We are surrounded on three sides by hostile countries. Pakistan, China and Bangladesh. We need friends – friends like Australia and Japan.

(Photo sourced from the bbc)

Ralph Fiennes Lisa Robertson Photo

Qantas stewardess Lisa Robertson has revealed that she had unprotected sexual encounters with Hollywood actor Ralph Fiennes in the Intercontinental Mumbai after their brief fling aboard the Darwin-Mumbai flight. The Mail on Sunday had a field day publishing details about their encounter, how Lisa who was staying at The Grand Hyatt and was called over by Fiennes to his hotel room. Upon reaching the hotel room, Lisa was apparently ‘a bit shocked’ because Fiennes asked for unprotected sex.

Later during his visit, Fiennes spent time visiting villages in India preaching safe sex and talking to HIV patients. There are around 5.1 million HIV patients in India including 202,000 children of which nearly 60,000 are born with the virus every year. UNICEF India is one of the active partners in the governments campaign against AIDS.

But I am quite sure there should be someone better than Mr. Fiennes to fit in the role of a HIV Ambassador.

Walking past the bodies of Iraqi soldiers, a member of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team asks quitely, “Why do we do these things to one another?”

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I was quite overwhelmed by the magnitude of these photos, I just couldnt write anything. Visit the links for a description on each of the photos

Pic Courtesy – The Pulitzer Prizes

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I would never under-estimate the Soviet influence in our country during the pre-Perestroika era. How else would I become a regular reader of ‘Misha’ (a Russian children’s magazine which now seemed to have achieved some kind of cult status thanks to its virtual disappearance) or participate in a rally conducted by a Catholic School promoting relations with the Soviet Union.

But when a former KGB intelligence officers sensational book implies that the Congress party, the Communist Party of India and most worryingly the Indian media was in the KGB payroll, I am inclined to dismiss it as another Ludlumisque long-drawn spy thriller, but for some meticulous details it provides.

Over the period of 12 years , Vasili Mitrokhin typed in 25,000 pages of sensitive information that he obtained from several KGB documents. When the Mitrokhin Archives finally came out, not less that three countries initiated parliamentary enquiries. It created a storm in India, columnists had a field time assessing Mitrokhin’s authenticity while political parties were trying to gain some mileage out of the affair. Inevitably conspiracy theories followed, putting the KGB name to assassinations of everyone from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri to Rajiv Gandhi and infering that Sonia Gandhi was a KGB recruit.

Certainly, many politicians in India was and still is corrupt enough to be bought. But the Mitrokhin archives overwhelmed even our wildest nightmares. Barring some like India Today’s cover story on the affair, the Indian media allegedly tried to trivialise the whole issue, possibly taking into account that the archives indicate that some leading newspapers and media houses were in the KGB payroll.

As any ex-KGB man like Vladimir Putin would reckon, the KGB seldom leaves a trail of its activities. And when it does, it promises to raise a stink.

I am still searching for an old Misha cover.

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