Sixteen Asiatic lions were killed in Gir Forest Sanctuary in the first three months of this year. Shockingly, these killings happened in ten separate incidents. Apparently, the culprits have been found, a gang which killed the lions with poison, traps and sharpened bamboo sticks. Its shocking that these kind of incidents are allowed to happen. It simply cannot, not without the connivance of forest guards. The guards are believed to be undergoing lie detector tests now.

But the government is not tackling this issue on a war footing. Inspite of these incidents being reported widely in the media, the weekly cabinet meeting on on Wednesday (4th) did not discuss the issue.

Our tigers are suffering the same fate. All India statistics show that while there were 40,000 tigers at the beginning of the 20th century, today the exact number could be barely over a thousand! However, official figures tell a different story, and say that there are about 3000 plus tigers, but conservationists do not believe these figures.
Everyone knows what happened in Sariska Game Reserve in Rajasthan. There is not a single tiger left there. In fact, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) in a 2006 report blamed the Rajasthan Government squarely for its “complete failure” in controlling poaching and encroachment on forest land.

All in all, its clear that our government is not serious about protecting Wildlife. Here we are, heading towards being the number two economy by 2050, but Wildlife can go take a back seat.

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Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel are among my favorite and I’m like glued to these channels for hours. Lately i was watching the show where they show the construction and other details of this M6A1 Tank of the U.S. Armed Forces.

I was totally glued to the program and i enjoyed the program about these mean machine.

Towards the end there was this statement that totally got me off guard. It was the concluding line of the program and it went like this – “.. and Its ready to be deployed over-seas!!!” 😮 .. what the hell.

Aren’t these things meant to protect once own home land or is it to destroy someone else’s overseas. Now i’m thinking twice of watching these programs. If its meant to display the arsenal and military strength of some country run by stupid politicos who fool their people when wrecking the peace at some distant place, No Way, i got better use with my time.

CIDS from IndiaI must admit, I’m a big fan of CSI Miami and CSI Las Vegas. The death of Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer is the ideal time to launch CSI Jamaica.

I think India should send a CSI team lead by two Malayalee CIDs of the Tamil Nadu police who have proved themselves before in America. CID Sub Inspector Dasan and CID Constable Vijayan.

We at the Mutiny have learned that they are carrying dummies of Bob and the Pakistanis to do a drop test.

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It was another eventful week in Mutiny, and here is a categorized summary!

  1. Music: Jo began the week with some cool news about the availability of teasers from BlogSwara and followed it up later with the news of the launch of the site.
  2. Science: Cakerfare discussed the idea behind genetically modified malaria resistant mosquitoes in tackling malaria, while Vishal followed the story of the discovery of 3.8 million year old rocks and the relevance of the discovery to geological theories of plate tectonics.
  3. Cricket: While Chacko was optimistic about the chances of the Indian team and did some number juggling, later in the week, Sridhar Kondoji felt that the products endorsed by Indian cricketers need to be boycotted as a mark of protest against the abysmal performance of the team India.
  4. Pseudo-religion: Gentledude admonished Indians for their blind faith in godmen with specific reference to Baba, and followed it by another post on the paradox of Lord Balaji being the second richest god in the world, while half of India is languishing below poverty line.
  5. Education: Polite Indian wonders if corporate punishement is needed at all, and concludes in the negative.
  6. Society: While Nita wrote for the need of sensitivity on the part of all of us in the wake of Sikh community taking exceptions to Sardar jokes, Guru pointed to Andre Beteille’s article which argued caste to be an Indian socio-economic institution.
  7. Justice: SwethaIyer’s confidence in the Indian judicial system is reinforced after the verdict of guilty for the accused in the killing of Manjunath Shanmugam.
  8. Management: Vishal, while narrowing down on the reasons for the dumb decisions that managers make, also identifies five signs that indicate trouble in an organization.
  9. News and Media: While Guru laments the dearth of “real” news, Nita finds that the marriage of Liz and Arun Nair is still the hot selling item on the streets.
  10. Tips: While Jo tips us about the free phone call service Fone Mine, Sridhar Kondoji tells you what to do when the markets are down.
  11. Issues: Guru felt that the Mashelkar committee should be terminated, and (in a follow-up post on brain drain) indicated that brain drain is not that bad after all; and, Jo dedicated a song to the victims of Nandigram.
  12. Interview: Ujj interviewed Vinod George Joseph, the author of Hitchhiker (shortly after his review of the book).

Hope you enjoyed reading mutiny and voicing your opinions on issues as much as we enjoyed our writing and hearing from you.

Hope to see you in these parts of the blogosphere soon, again!

Manjunath S got his justice today. Precisely on the day when Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru were hanged 76 years ago. Easy parallels can be drawn between Manjunath and our most renowned freedom fighters for both were young, brave and gave their live for their belief & principles.

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To juggle our reader’s memory (which I doubt would be needed) – Manjunath Shanmugham Sales Manager of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) was murdered on 19th November 2005 in cold-blood because he stood up against a corrupt owner of a petrol bunk. His murder brought to forefront the ramapant adulteration of petrol & the mafia behind it. The news of the killing of a brave young official who refused to accept bribes and withstood threats sent shock waves across the country.

Thanks to nationwide protests, online petitions and candlelight marches the case was given its due and after a full enquiry today the eight accused have been found guilty. Now we have to await and see what punishment is meted out to these accused.

This verdict somewhat reinforces the belief in our otherwise failing justice system.

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Indians have more than 3 crores of gods to pray to.We pray to idols,stones,animals,trees…

As if these are not sufficient there are thousands of god-men all over the country.There are millions of people who pray to these god-men with blind faith.The list of devotees also includes many foreigners.

A few days ago I got this video as a forward.The video shows the world-famous god-man from Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh,Satya Sai Baba giving away Vibhooti (ash) as Prasad to his devotees.There is nothing new in giving away Vibhooti because the baba also gives away gold chains and rings to his devotees(Not to everybody though,only to the who’s who of his devotees.Else,how would he get the publicity?).

But the video shows something else too,the baba cheating.This is not the first time  the baba had been accused of foul play.Earlier there were murders and arms were recovered in Prashanthi Nilayam,the baba’s residence.Like all other high-profile cases,even this got lost in the sands of time.And to cover up all these,he does some really good deeds such as starting water supply programs for the draught-ridden areas in AP,free multi-speciality hospital services,etc.But whose money is this?It is the innocent people’s,who are led into thinking that he is going to solve their problems.

People wake up!!How can a human being become a "God"?How can he acquire all super natural powers?How can somebody draw a gold chain from air?Simple reasoning will save you from these people!!There are three crore gods and goddesses waiting to bless you.Why do you need the babas to save you?

Power cuts are not uncommon in Mumbai anymore, and in fact when the lights go off, lifts in many buildings stop working. No generators for the lifts. That’s what I realised when I visited a friend recently and had to climb almost ten storeys to reach her flat. Well, I do need to reduce my weight but at that time in the afternoon I was feeling least like climbing those flight of stairs. And when I found out that as per the rules of the municipal corporation, a generator was compulsory, I was irritated even further! In fact very few people know that it is mandatory for all high rises to install generators if there are lifts in the building. This requirement is as “per the BMC’s Development Control Rules…and it is the PWD that issues generator certificates to buildings.”
With high rises coming up all over the city, I wonder how many of these actually follow the norms laid down? According to the news report few residents know that generators are compulsory.
And this is not the bad news. The scary part is that consumer groups in Mumbai say that few buildings even follow the safety standards laid down in under the Bombay Lift Act, 1939. The reasons? Well, because there aren’t enough people to check up what the buildings are up to! 😯 Quoting from the news report:

“…there are only about 25 electrical engineers to inspect a total of 40- 45,000 lifts in Mumbai.”


Elevators are supposed to be checked twice a year by the BMC, but thats impossible given the few engineers they have to do the job.
No wonder there are accidents. Around 20 lift-related complaints every year in Mumbai alone. And these are the ones that are reported.

But why talk just of Mumbai? Could the rest of India be any better where safety norms are concerned?

The situation is not different in other places. A Consumer Education & Research Society (CERC) survey conducted in 2006 showed that 40% of the lifts in Ahmedabad operate without renewing their lift licences. According to the Gujarat Lifts & Escalators Act, a licence has to be renewed once every three years, says K K Bajaj, honorary director at CERC.

Well, that’s the reality. Guidelines and rules are being thrown to the winds. Can you blame me if I am a little relieved that I live on the first floor?

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