😉 Guys !!! Take your eyes of them and tell me what brought these ‘awesome’ pics appear in a daily. Your options are (a) because they are Victoria Secret Models (b)Models from Milan Fashion Week (c) I dont care what it is, i just want to keep staring at them.

Then here is the next one …

WOW Celina Jaitly… Ohhh… What brought this photo of this bomb-shell in the papers? Options (a)Kingfisher Calender 2008 (b)She donated her clothes to the poor (c)(I see the leopard skin)She is protesting like Rakhi Sawanth against animal cruelties (d)I don’t give a damn, i just want to drool…

🙂 gotcha .. The answer is no where in the options. If u seriously burnt your brains over it, don’t blame me. Blame the reporter who put these pics in his article, blame the editor approved these contents in the paper and the least blame me for putting it here. If it was not for the pic i wouldn’t have read these articles in the first place… ( 🙂 ya thats a confession i make).

The first two models in lingerie came as the photos for an article reporting the apparent ban of FTV by the government.Now the funniest part, the second photo was for the article on Celina Jaitly’s apparent comment that “The more you dress, the more sexier you look”… 😆

Now to the real matter, FTV is banned for 2 months for beaming objectionable content programs

The official Report said : The channel has been banned for showing programmes that were against good taste and decency, denigrate women and likely to adversely effect public morality, it said.

How sad!!! Many people are going to be heart broken. What the hell. The banned a TV channel for airing such a program. Then what about this paper that have these fotos in a daily basis. This appeared in the Bangalore Times supplement of the famous Times of India news paper.The funniest thing is that Bangalore is a place where ‘Night-Life’ like pubs, discos and parties are banned after 10PM (if u call that as night life) by the police.

So the print media has the authority to print anything. If its the morale of the society that the ‘government’ is planning to protect, then this is not the way to deal things.

How many schools offer proper sex education? How many youngsters have the liberty of having an open conversation with their parents on these matters? In how many homes speaking or mentioning of sex is still a taboo? Ya they might argue that they give their kids the liberty, the freedom to have a drink with them at times. But that is what you shouldn’t encourage and teach them about much important things. At least teach them to be responsible citizens, the crime rate may come down.

So for the time being guys don’t loose heart, Mid-night Hot and Too Hot at 2 will be back after 2 months. Till then read the daily edition Bangalore Times of Times of India.

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Let’s not have any doubts about the fact that Nishabd is a bold move for Ram Gopal Verma. That’s because in Indian society, we still don’t want to talk about certain things in spite of being aware of their presence.

Nishabd tells the story of a photographer (Mr. Bachchan), his wife (Revathy), his daughter (Shraddha Arya) and her friend (Jiah Khan). During holidays Jiah visits her friend and comes to stay with her family at their quaint house in a beautiful hill station. In the process, Mr.Bachchan (Vijay in the film), falls in love with Jiah or we may say gets attracted to her, who throughout the film roams in skimpy short pants and exhibits her nice pair of legs to the audience. As we know that love can happen anytime anywhere and between any two people. In this case it happens between 60 yr old Vijay and 18 yr old Jiah. Jiah is a carefree, effervescent teenage girl who finds this 60 yr old very sexy and hard to resist.

There is obviously a sexual connotation attached to this attraction (though Mr. Bachchan claims otherwise in his numerous interviews on different News channels). But RGV the director comfortably stays away from showing anything overtly sexual; (Jiah gives a kiss on Mr. Bachchan’s cheeks only). I am disappointed here. But may be Ramu didn’t want to hurt the celebrated & much talked about Indian sensibilities! Though I must say that in spite of this self-control (on part of Ramu), there is a sexual undertone in the script and it gets manifested in the manner of ‘shot taking’ & ‘camera angles’. By the way, cinematographer Amit Roy’s craft is wonderful in the movie.

I am not going to give out the full story here, because that’s going to spoil the charm for readers who haven’t yet watched the film. The story is good, with Ramu’s directorial brilliance present in glimpses but as a whole Nishabd fails to deliver. Moreover the 2nd half of the film is bland and surely lacks the pace, which was prevalent in the 1st half. To some, even the ending may seem a little abrupt.

Mr. Bachchan is brilliant and is surely the saving grace of the film. Only he could have depicted this role with such sobriety. Kudos to Mr.Bachchan, for being a part of this bold (by Indian standards) venture. And he delivers his job with unmatched composure and aplomb. If only he had the chance or opportunity of doing such varied roles in his younger days!

Jiah Khan is beautiful, sexy, and attractive.She does a fine job in her debut. She gives quite a mature performance, being just 18/19 years of age.
Revathy as usual is excellent and naturally beautiful, while Shraddha Arya is a talent to watch.

In conclusion, I would say that Nishabd is good in bits n parts but as a whole the movie fails to deliver. A niche audience will appreciate it, only (in multiplexes).
But RGV should be complemented for showing the courage to break away from the inconsequential candy floss style of film making, yet again. In the same breath I would say that he could have done a better job, we all know that he has the talent required. I give Nishabd 3 Stars out of 5.

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On a lighter note, here is Hollywood actor Will Smith singing ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ on Sony Tv’s ‘Indian Idol’ show. The ladies seem impressed though his facial expressions is not really Oscar-winning material.

There was this video I found on the The re-emergence of Sarika. Its worth a see if you want to know about Sarika. I hear she is slated to pick up a national award…well, she certainly deserves it. I liked her performance in Parzania…a film that was released on 26th January this year (a delayed release). After I saw it I wondered why I had not noticed Sarika in her earlier films. Suddenly I wanted to know about the roles she had done before and then I realised why I had not noticed her. She usually played the glamour doll. The video gives her brief history in Bollywood (she started off as a child star) and ends with an interview. I needed this re-cap as the only memory I had of Sarika was that she had green-eyes, a good figure, was not a very good actress and was married to the great director and actor Kamal Hassan (her second marraige). She never really made it in Bollywood and often became the ‘bad girl’ instead of the heroine. Then I read about her divorce from Kamal Hassan and then she seemed to disappear from public view.

Until Parzania. What a sea change from her old self! I loved Sarika in Parzania. In fact I could not believe it was Sarika. She looked completely different. And acted superbly. Not only did she look the part of the middle class Parsi mother of two children that she played, but she was dignified in the suffering she portrayed in her role of a woman who lost her son during the Gujarat riots. If I am not mistaken this particular scene is one in which she is running from her rioters, but turns back to see that they have got her son. Even during normal times her love and attachment to her husband and family was evident in her eyes. No overacting there, just quiet strength. Hope we get to see more of Sarika…sometime soon.  

Indian media is full of reports about Bollywood’s increasing influence in the world movie industry and how it is catching up with the big boy Hollywood. Let us look at some facts.

Hollywood Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan Tom Cruise

Bollywood was born in 1899 with the production of a short film and Hollywood’s birth happened 11 years later in 1910 with a Biography melodrama.

Hollywood produces 500 films per year on average and has a worldwide audience of 2.6 billion whereas Bollywood produces more than 1000 (not consistently) films every year and has a worldwide audience of 3 Billion. In terms of vieweship, Bollywood overtook Hollywood in 2004 and has been leading ever since.

Hollywood’s Domination
Bollywood made a revenue of $1.75 Billion in 2006(estimated to rise to $3.4 Billion in 2010) which is only half the revenue of what one Hollywood studio, Walt Disney made in 2006 – and that is saying a lot. However, while Hollywood’s market inside the US has almost saturated, India’s 500 million population under the age of 20 will ensure that the market inside India will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Although Hollywood produces only a fraction of the number of films made all over the world, it garners a staggering 75% of total revenues. Also, 50% of its earnings(expected to grow to 80% in the next 20 years) come from the foreign market whereas for Bollywood it is 20%.

Hollywood has an overwhelming domination among the top grossers worldwide – almost all of the top 50 movies are made in Hollywood. It has virtually eclipsed all other film industries except Bollywood – for instance, the European film industry cut down to 1/10th of its size since 1910.

Spiralling Production Costs and Risks
The average cost of producing, marketing and distributing a Hollywood film is more than US$60 million though a Star Wars or Harry Potter costs around $100 million and only one out of ten succeeds. At the same time Shekhar Kapur’s ‘Paani’ which is tipped to be the costliest film ever to be made in Bollywood will cost $20 million and the average cost of a big movie is around $ 5 Million. 50% of the movies produced in Bollywood are never released and on an average more than 95% of those released results in losses.

Bollywoods NRI Connection
Around 15 million Indian expatriates living in different parts of the world account for over 65% ofBollywood’s earnings. An estimated $800 is spent by NRI’s in Indian movies and music. US (2 million Indian expats), UK(1.5 million) , South Africa(1 million of Africa’s 2 million Indian population) are major markets for Bollywood.

The Bottomline
Despite the hype surrounding Bollywood’s increasing influence in the world movie industry, it is a long way from being a threat to Hollywood’s influence.
Revenue-wise Hollywood movies does not depend on ticket sales alone. It follows the time-tested ‘franchise-formula’ where a major part of the revenue comes from other segments like TV networks, magazines, home-videos etc. Ofcourse, Bollywood is toying the same line but it is too early to say if a successful process is in place.

A few years ago, 70% of the money for movies made in Mumbai came as liquid cash from traders in real-estate, jewellery and the Mumbai underworld. Things have improved, but the financing of Bollywood movies is still shady business coming largely from the non-organised sector and with virtually no financing from the banking sector unlike Hollywood where production studios and the organised sector treat it as an industry and has a well established network. Bollywood was officially recognised as an ‘industry’ by the government only in 1998.

And if Bollywood basks in the glory of dubious ‘Shah Rukh Khan has more fans than Tom Cruise’ reports for too long, it may not be a happy ending afterall.

Sources: Variety International Film Guide,, Reuters

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Bollywood merchandise dolls toys

Bollywood is finally waking up to the lucrative market of movie merchandise.

Last year on September 14th, in Harrods London, our very own Hrithik Roshan and Kajol arrived in a horse-drawn carriage for the launch of ‘Hollywood Legends’ – an exclusive series of dolls based on top Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra apart from themselves. This marked a successful end to the efforts of London-based entrepreneur Shameen Jivraj, who came to India four years ago with the concept and was favourably received by the stars. The series of dolls was created by Funskool India and is being marketed in UK by Spin Master. Though the Hrithik doll looks a bit like an airbrushed Alec Baldwin and Kajol carrying a ‘Simran look’ according to the marketers, apparently there is enough demand for the toys priced at £14.99 (Rs. 1300) each.

Attempts to sell film merchandise is not entirely new in India, with Krrish masks (marketed by Pantaloon India) and Ram Gopal Verma’s Bhoot Dolls doing a fairly good job. With a booming retail industry in the horizon and its forays into adventure/action and children’s movies genre offering a myriad possibilities, nothing seems to stop the Bollywood merchandise industry. Not even the Amitabh Bachan Classic Thongs, available for $18.

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So Shilpa Shetty did it, finally.

Shilpa shetty big brother wins racial insult  racism

If you agree to be locked up in a room with some strangers under 24-hour surveillance, and thereafter act smart enough to dismiss some racial insults by fellow inhabitants as apple pies thrown at you, you are pretty much guaranteed of fame and fortune that even a dozen nonsensical movies nor the endless racy photoshoots could bring. £40,000 for participating, £100,000 as prize money and 6 crores rupees from contracts and endorsements will not do her much harm either.

Just pray that she doesn’t give an acceptance speech saying she did it for her country.

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