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😉 Guys !!! Take your eyes of them and tell me what brought these ‘awesome’ pics appear in a daily. Your options are (a) because they are Victoria Secret Models (b)Models from Milan Fashion Week (c) I dont care what it is, i just want to keep staring at them.

Then here is the next one …

WOW Celina Jaitly… Ohhh… What brought this photo of this bomb-shell in the papers? Options (a)Kingfisher Calender 2008 (b)She donated her clothes to the poor (c)(I see the leopard skin)She is protesting like Rakhi Sawanth against animal cruelties (d)I don’t give a damn, i just want to drool…

🙂 gotcha .. The answer is no where in the options. If u seriously burnt your brains over it, don’t blame me. Blame the reporter who put these pics in his article, blame the editor approved these contents in the paper and the least blame me for putting it here. If it was not for the pic i wouldn’t have read these articles in the first place… ( 🙂 ya thats a confession i make).

The first two models in lingerie came as the photos for an article reporting the apparent ban of FTV by the government.Now the funniest part, the second photo was for the article on Celina Jaitly’s apparent comment that “The more you dress, the more sexier you look”… 😆

Now to the real matter, FTV is banned for 2 months for beaming objectionable content programs

The official Report said : The channel has been banned for showing programmes that were against good taste and decency, denigrate women and likely to adversely effect public morality, it said.

How sad!!! Many people are going to be heart broken. What the hell. The banned a TV channel for airing such a program. Then what about this paper that have these fotos in a daily basis. This appeared in the Bangalore Times supplement of the famous Times of India news paper.The funniest thing is that Bangalore is a place where ‘Night-Life’ like pubs, discos and parties are banned after 10PM (if u call that as night life) by the police.

So the print media has the authority to print anything. If its the morale of the society that the ‘government’ is planning to protect, then this is not the way to deal things.

How many schools offer proper sex education? How many youngsters have the liberty of having an open conversation with their parents on these matters? In how many homes speaking or mentioning of sex is still a taboo? Ya they might argue that they give their kids the liberty, the freedom to have a drink with them at times. But that is what you shouldn’t encourage and teach them about much important things. At least teach them to be responsible citizens, the crime rate may come down.

So for the time being guys don’t loose heart, Mid-night Hot and Too Hot at 2 will be back after 2 months. Till then read the daily edition Bangalore Times of Times of India.

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This ad won the Ad Express TV award at the Article 19 annual fest, held at Manipal Institute of communication. Nominations were invited for 8 categories including Ad Express TV, Ad Express Print, Radio Express, Documentary Express etc. Definitely what I call ‘Food for Thought’!!

The ad is made by Rituraj Sapkota  an addictively creative young lad pursuing his Bachelors in Mass Communication at Loyola Academy Hyderabad. Hope to see more meaningful ads like these in the future!

To me it looks like CNN IBN has forgotten to pay their domain renewal fees. Their website, now points to a ring tone site. I know it’s too early to write an obituary but I liked the site because it use to give content (text and video) for free.

Hope you are back up soon.

Through in a bit of chaos, an elephant, some cricketers, some more chaos, crowds, loud noises and what do you get?

I think Nike could have been more creative.

NRIAnd while we are on the subject of India inspired US websites. I would like to tell those who run and it’s 30 affiliates – a few examples,,, etc., what the term NRI means.

NRI stands for Non Resident Indians. You have to be a Indian citizen to be an non resident Indian. For example, Lakshmi Mittal and Shahi Tharoor are NRIs because they are Indian Citizens (hold Indian passports). If you are not an Indian Citizen, you can be considered a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) or an Overseas Indian Citizen (OIC) depending on when and how you gave up your Indian Citizenship.

So before you go on creating affiliates, you might what to think of a major re-branding exercise.

Woke, the post iPhone India Edition – Hidden Features was really good. I think this video actually sums up all the hidden features of an i-Phone

Enjoy … 🙂

Doordarshan Sorry for the Interruption

Those were the heady days of Doordarshan – when ‘Sorry for the Interruption’ became the most watched programme in the history of television. So much so that even ‘Krishi Darshan’ provided instant relief and ‘Chitrahaar’ was pure salvation. As I went on a trail for the Nirma girl, I remembered a few more people that made ‘it’ happen.

Nirupama – The Nirma Girl

Washing powder Nirma, washing powder Nirma
Dudh si safedi, Nirma se aaye | Rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaye
Sabki pasand Nirma | Washing powder Nirma





If you have been hearing this for the past 25 years, there has to be something special attached. Maybe it is the fact that the brand name is derived from Nirupama, the company owner’s daughter who died in a car accident but whose image has become iconic with the brand.


2. Karen Lunel – The Liril Girl
La la la la la la la la laa la laa.

Karen Lunel Liril ad Alyque padamsree
Quite simple isn’t it. When Alyque Padamsee decided to shoot an ad for Liril with a relatively unknown model, Karen Lunel who was wearing a lime green bikini in the icy cold waterfalls near the Guna caves in Kodaikanal, not even the folks at HLL would have thought it would become such a phenomenon. Not only did it capture the imagination of an ultra-conservative Indian society, it also multiplied Liril’s sales figures. So much so that McCann Erickson, the agency who was handed over the Liril account recently from Lowe India (formerly Lintas) who has held it for the last 30 years will have the ominous task of creating a new vigour in the brand.

Karen Lunel worked as an airhostess for Air India (apparently she was on duty in the flight when Rajiv Gandhi celebrated his birthday on his way back from USSR in 1988) and later became a DJ for Times FM. She is married to Tibetan Tashi Hishey and has a 18-year old son, Scott.

Bhai saab, aagar itni saari safedi yadee kaam dam me mile to koi yeh kyoun le, yeh na le“.
An obvious reference to the the cheaper competitor, Nirma(once available for Rs.3 per Kg) by Lalitaji, posing as the ‘typical no-compromise, quality conscious, bargaining Indian housewife’ set the momentum for Surf as a brand that stands for quality at an affordable price.

Kavita Chaudhary went on to achieve more fame in the television saga ‘Udaan’ portraying the real-life story of Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya, Kavita’s own sister who become an IPS officer overcoming the odds. Kavita is also a gold medalist from the National School of Drama. For a while she got into making corporate and ad films and did not have much success with her forays into screenplay and dialogue for movies as well as a socio-drama called ‘Your Honour’. Apparently, she is now planning to direct one.

Salma Sultan and her red red(or was that pink?) roseSalma Sultan Doordarshan news newsreader

Salma Sultan’s famous rose brightened up her otherwise cold renditions of the government press releases praising their own achievements. Set to retire in 1984, legend is that she was granted an extension after shedding a tear while reading the news about the Prime minister Indira Gandhi’s death.

Having got her first chance as a newsreader only because her compatriot Gopal Kaul came with a completely shaven head to avoid reading the news, her long association with Doordarshan continues even today after producing serials like ‘Panchatantra’ and ‘Jalta Jawal’ for DD under her production house Lensview Pvt Ltd.

These are the days of celebrities Anthony and Bani as they say and sometimes I miss those ‘Sorry for the Interruption‘ boards. Especially during reality shows.


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