I have written about the dark side of the internet and also about people abusing complete strangers on the internet. Since then I have understood the problem better. I delete racist/rude/abusive/misrepresentative comments/trackbacks and I don’t care if that person cries censorship. At first I felt guilty, but now I don’t.

And today I discovered that it wasn’t just me who was mulling over this problem. In fact I was happy to discover that there is actually a Bloggers Code of Conduct that is being deliberated. 🙂 In fact there is this blog dedicated to blogging. Anyone can participate in the discussion.

I think a code of conduct is badly needed. Its not only about commentators. There are bloggers who write nasty/abusive stuff too. A written Code like this should rein in those who insist that its okay to be uncivil, in the name of free speech.