Blame it on Musharraf for the rapid spread of Talibanzation in Pakistan. Initially President Musharraf with connivance of military and ISI tacitly allowed Al-Qaeda to spread its tentacles in the areas adjacent to Afghanistan. This was done only to buy time and extract more incentivces from USA. As time passed by, Al-Qaeda and local militants grew stronger and are in total control and now there is no writ of state in those regions.

In an attempt to prove that only He can control Pakistan, President musharraf is only working hard to make his stay longer as dictator of Pakistan. When Balochistan freedom struggle grew stronger, he had to divert all his attention to suppress the struggle which only allowed the Al-Qaeda and local militants grow stronger. During this period, President musharraf had no option but to buy time with India by indulging in never ending peace talks.

When US pressure grew stronger to flush out foreign militants, Army, ISI along with President Musharraf allowed local tribesman to rise against foreign militants and this resulted in scores of deaths in the last week. The foreign office along with President Musharraf claimed credit for all this, but they conveniently forgot that this episode clearly exposed their lies that they are not in complete control of local tribesmen. Earlier they were shouting over the roof that local tribesman are lawless people and army cannot fight them. But, local tribesmen rising against Al-Qaeda clearly shows that Army, ISI still runs the show in those regions which is in complete contrast to their media statements.

Now, with most of the foreign militants dead in border regions, and President musharraf completely embroiled in supension and manheandling of Supreme Court judge Ifthikar has once again allowed Lal Masjid clerics rise against the writ of state. This once again serves two puposes, one it diverts people’s attention off of Judicila crisis and will also create fears among Americans about rising tide of Talibanization in Pakistan. This will only lengthen the dictatorship of Presidnet Musharraf.

Lessons for India: Peace cannot be achieved while Army is in control of Pakistan. If we want to be in good books of Pakistani citizens, then we need to strengthen the hands of democratic voices in Pakistan instead of shaking hands with dictators.