Well, this is not a post to against all those who ask for reservation, read on..

As I tuned in to NDTV, I happened to watch this story regarding a student’s plight on SC’s stay on OBC reservation. This guy, has already appeared for the IIT JEE once, and now was seeking an admission to the IITs, and was supposed to use his OBC certificate to get in to it. Well, fine till here, but what I hear next did inspire me to raise my voice over here. He as reported, wants to work as a Computer Engineer in the US!!

May I ask why? What’s wrong with India?
Why do you want to flee to the US, when people outside India consider getting an IT job in India difficult?

I was astonished by this guy’s intentions.
Is it why you provide reservation to these communities, so that they leave our country and work for another nation and pay that nation’s taxes? In the benefit of the deserving, I support the reservations, but definitely not for these cases. Why should the nation provide subsidised education to these people who don’t want to pay back to the country?

If this is why he wants to use the reservations, then I assert, that he should be denied one.

PS: As I learnt from the rest of the story, the student (I forgot the name), had appeared the IIT JEE once before and this was his second attempt, he has now decided not to answer this time (because one gets only two chances to appear for the exam), and hopes to answer next time, with the reservations ON.
Well Friend, I would suggest that you don’t be dependent on these reservations, work hard and get into the institutions through merit; reservations are not an alternative to hard work.

For a proof, go switch on your television, and tune in to NDTV, today itself, rather now.
I didn’t find the news article on their site, I can’t say if they shall be airing the clip again.