Today I read in the newspaper about how couples were hounded at Bandra Reclamation. This is not the first time that this has happened. Every once in a while the cops go into overdrive and start harassing couples. It was on Marine Drive that they did it some time ago. The cops insist that these couples are being obscene, but I beg to differ. It is rarely that one comes across obscenity here, at least I have never seen it on Marine Drive.

Ofcourse I don’t think that kissing lightly in public is obscene. There are those who feel that kissing in public is wrong, but the young do not feel that way. I am past the college going age, but I feel there is nothing wrong with it either. Maybe it is because places such as Marine Drive hold special memories for me. Marine Drive was a place that my husband and I frequented when we were in college and a little later when we took up our first jobs in Mumbai. Not a single cop ever harrassed us, and all we did really was hold hands and stare into each other eyes. From newspaper reports today it is apparent that couples are not even being allowed to do that, and in fact even those simply snacking or talking were hauled to the police station! The criteria apparently is that the couples should be married?

Just a few days ago I was reminiscing about Marine Drive and posted a slideshow on my personal blog. We enjoyed a sunset there, after a gap of some years. Here it is:

[rockyou id=62025271&w=426&h=320]


Marine Drive has always been one of my favourite places. I have been coming here ever since I was a kid. And sunset on Marine Drive is one scene I will never tire of. And by the way, it is one of the most romantic sights ever.