Laurie Baker
Lawrence W. Baker (Laurie Baker), the legendary architect and a great humanitarian passed away today in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The Baker method of building low-cost houses that co-exists well with nature and environment has made an architectural revolution in Kerala.

Low cost is only one of the many aspects of his buildings that set them apart from the monsters other architects impose on us. His buildings merge with nature and do not stand apart like a sore thumb, are environmentally inexpensive, make best use of the space available, are designed with the needs of the client, and not just the external appearance or some design trend, in mind, makes best use of available sunlight and winds, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and fans, just to mention a few. This in a society which discusses environmental issues in large rooms with tall windows, all of them shut tight with thick curtains, artificial lighting and air conditioning, with tea and snacks served in disposable plastic cups and plates. Come to think of it, it is no wonder that we don’t take Bakerji seriously! [Via Random Thoughts]

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