Indian team doesn’t deserve to be in super 8 after loosing to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This was also acknowledged by skipper Dravid and almost all Indians believe so. I also go to extreme and pray that Bangladesh (actually i needn’t) win against Bermuda denying our team an entry into Super 8.

Picth was fine, Toss was fine and also target was achievable. Inspite of all these plusses, we lost cheaply to Sri Lanka which shows nothing but incompetence of our cricket team.

I can’t imagine that we can’t find all-rounders in India with Billion plus population. All we did was to bring back Gangulay into the team. Why?
Remove Tendulkar from Indian squad. He has done nothing to our country except making personal records and mint Millions. He is spending time running his personal business in Mumbai.

I have decided to register my protest peacefully and democratically by abstaining from products and brands endorsed by our cricketers. The corporations and their money has spoilt our team beyond repair. Too much pampering in the media, hype etc have pushed them to zeniths from where they forgot their basic duties.

Our team was only man enough to bermuda. What a shame.