Manjunath S got his justice today. Precisely on the day when Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru were hanged 76 years ago. Easy parallels can be drawn between Manjunath and our most renowned freedom fighters for both were young, brave and gave their live for their belief & principles.

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To juggle our reader’s memory (which I doubt would be needed) – Manjunath Shanmugham Sales Manager of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) was murdered on 19th November 2005 in cold-blood because he stood up against a corrupt owner of a petrol bunk. His murder brought to forefront the ramapant adulteration of petrol & the mafia behind it. The news of the killing of a brave young official who refused to accept bribes and withstood threats sent shock waves across the country.

Thanks to nationwide protests, online petitions and candlelight marches the case was given its due and after a full enquiry today the eight accused have been found guilty. Now we have to await and see what punishment is meted out to these accused.

This verdict somewhat reinforces the belief in our otherwise failing justice system.

[Image Source: Businessworld India]

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