In an opinion piece in the Telegraph, Mukul Kesavan laments the tragedy of Indian media–in the good old AIR/DD days all we got was government propaganda, while all that the current free-market era news channels serve is tabloid populism:

Debauched by ratings wars, television news has smart professional people who ought to know better, efficiently packaging speculation and gossip as news in the worst tabloid tradition. Editorial discretion has been binned because “All the News that’s Fit to Print” as a motto is so stuffy and so 20th-century. With 24 hours to fill, news channels are now in a position to offer us a more expansive promise: All the Swill You Want to Drink.

While we are on the topic, take a look at this book review of Sevanti Ninan, which indicates that at times of war and conflict when government propaganda and patriotic populism join hands, the result, among other things is “militainment” and media fundamentalism. Finally, here is Ammu Joseph on the concept of peace-journalism and its critiques.