1983One of the few advantages of being a supporter of the Indian Cricket team from a really young age is that you become really good at Mathematics.
No, I don’t mean just counting scores but averages and more importantly, “NRR”.
NRR, net run rate, is deadly, it can make or break a team’s chances.

So will India be able to make it to Super-Eight. Let’s see what ‘NRR crystal ball’ has in store for us.

India now just needs to beat Sri Lanka without worrying about the net run-rate.
Sri Lanka now heads the Group B with a net run-rate of +4.5937. India is second with a net run-rate of +2.507.
A victory by even one run (batting first) or off the last ball (batting second) over Sri Lanka will take India through to the next stage.
Since Bangladesh will be playing its last league match against Bermuda after India-Sri Lanka game, theoretically it will have a chance to better India’s NRR, but to do this Bangladesh has to produce something unimaginable.

If India beats Sri Lanka under the circumstances mentioned above, then to beat India on NRR the target for Bangladesh in the match against Bermuda will be:

If Bangladesh bats first
Bangladesh has to score 600 and restrict Bermuda to 168
Bangladesh has to score 550 and restrict Bermuda to 117
Bangladesh has to score 500 and restrict Bermuda to    67
Bangladesh has to score 450 and restrict Bermuda to   16

If Bermuda bats first
Bangladesh can not overhaul India’s NRR even if it bundles out Bermuda for a total of 50 and achieves the target in first over itself!

India can still make it to Super-8 despite losing to Sri Lanka on 23rd. But for that Bangladesh has to lose to Bermuda 🙂

This is the Indian cricket team you are talking about, anything is impossible.