[Image sourced from Guardian-UK]


The day ends.
The game ends.
Evening falls.
The troubled soul then cries aloud
…Trembling with fear.

Oh Father of the world,
What does Destiny have in store?
Where does Peace reside?

Shokatorey Oi Kandichhe Shokoley
Rabindranath Tagore

Mousumi Karmakar, the fellow audio blogger from Kolkata has posted a Bengali song composed by Rabindranath Tagore. Usually this would be part of the regular update of Audio India – The Indian music bloggers’ directory. But I decided to post it here also because I believe this is a beginning. Why? She dedicates this song to the deceased and wounded of Nandigram.

Music bloggers, including yours truly, post specially dedicated songs on special days like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Onam, Deepavali etc. But none of us have responded to any social issues through the form of music. But Mousumi took music blogging a step further with her latest post.

Listen to Mousumi’s song, it will melt your heart in remembrance of those who had been killed in Nandigram…