“Half of India is below the poverty line.A little more goes to sleep with hunger.”

Lord Balaji of Tirupati is the second richest god in the world.”

I now understand why India is always called the ‘Land of Paradoxes’.

People prefer to drop millions(literally!) in the Hundi’s rather than giving hundreds to the welfare of the poor or the PM’s emergency fund.I dont know if you are going to get rid of all their sins by tonsuring their heads,offering money,gold,diamonds,jewelery to the god.But I’m sure there is no greater sin than your apathy towards the people around you.The money that you give to the god may not be useful to anybody else,but the money that you donate to a NGO will definitely help hundreds,if not thousands and millions.

I read about people offering millions of Dollars and diamonds in Tirupati.If you have so much money,lay a road in your locality.Sponsor the education of hundred children.Reconstruct a dilapidated school building in your area.Organise a health camp in a slum.There is no noble deed than bettering the lives of a few people.

Heal the world…make it a better place,for you and for me and for the entire human race!!

BTW,did you know that you can make a difference to a child’s life by donating as little as Rs.800? Click on the image to know more.