Indians have more than 3 crores of gods to pray to.We pray to idols,stones,animals,trees…

As if these are not sufficient there are thousands of god-men all over the country.There are millions of people who pray to these god-men with blind faith.The list of devotees also includes many foreigners.

A few days ago I got this video as a forward.The video shows the world-famous god-man from Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh,Satya Sai Baba giving away Vibhooti (ash) as Prasad to his devotees.There is nothing new in giving away Vibhooti because the baba also gives away gold chains and rings to his devotees(Not to everybody though,only to the who’s who of his devotees.Else,how would he get the publicity?).

But the video shows something else too,the baba cheating.This is not the first timeĀ  the baba had been accused of foul play.Earlier there were murders and arms were recovered in Prashanthi Nilayam,the baba’s residence.Like all other high-profile cases,even this got lost in the sands of time.And to cover up all these,he does some really good deeds such as starting water supply programs for the draught-ridden areas in AP,free multi-speciality hospital services,etc.But whose money is this?It is the innocent people’s,who are led into thinking that he is going to solve their problems.

People wake up!!How can a human being become a "God"?How can he acquire all super natural powers?How can somebody draw a gold chain from air?Simple reasoning will save you from these people!!There are three crore gods and goddesses waiting to bless you.Why do you need the babas to save you?