Ram Guha, continuing on his sins of Indian communism, tells about the dangers that the Indian republic faces from the political groups to the extreme left and right of centre:

For the past decade and more, the Republic of India has faced a strong threat from right-wing extremism. The destruction of the mosque in Ayodhya and the pogrom of the Muslims in Gujarat were but the most visible signs of a focused and determined effort to make India a “Hindu Rashtra”.

…the Republic of India also faces a strong threat from left-wing extremism now.

And, as usual, there is some good news and some bad news:

The battle against Hindutva is not yet won, while the battle against Naxalism has barely begun.

Finally, Guha has a few suggestions to make things better:

First, the government must work more honestly to honour the Constitution, by bringing the fruits of development to those sections — principally, the Dalits and adivasis — who have benefited least (and, in the case of adivasis, lost most) from the recent surge in economic growth. Second, the media must go beyond the consuming classes to write about and speak for those Indians who do not own cars or refrigerators. Third, intellectuals must be more vigilant in detecting and exposing threats to the democratic way of life, even (or especially) if these threats travel under the guise of ideologies that profess to be emancipatory but whom history has shown, in practice, to be as violent and intolerant as the reactionary ideologies of the Right.

While I agree with most of what Ram Guha has to say, I think he misses one point in his article. While he correctly identifies the reason for the intellectuals going soft on the left wing extremists,

The reason intellectuals are often less than even-handed in their treatment of the two kinds of extremism is that the left-wing kind presumes to speak for the poor;

he forgets to mention that the middle class support to Hindutva forces stem from similar sources, namely, guilt and the perception that Hindus are soft and hence are taken advantage of.