I had written earlier about Virgin comics foray into the Indian comic book scene – Now they have a new hero – Master Blaster as the saviour of the world

Master Blaster, a character based on Sachin Tendulkar will soon join Virgin Comics’ line up of Indian characters like Devi, Sadhu, Ramayana and Snakewoman.

The story of Master Blaster  is about a cricketer who not only fights the Australian and other cricket teams – but also an evil force that has re-emerged on Indian soil after 1,000 years. The cricketer becomes the reluctant superhero, after he is in possession of an ancient weapon called Master Blaster. The weapon bestows transforming powers on him and he becomes the saviour.

Most Indian kids are a little cricket crazy and look up to Tendulkar as a role model to follow and emulate. Imagining Tendulkar as a superhero is not a far stretch especially with the World Cup going on.

I’m sure the Master Blaster series will be as highly anticipated in India as Harry Potter is. I sure wouldn’t mind shelling out some cash to see how Sachin the superhero looks !

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Photo sourced from ESPN