I’ve been thinking for a while what is the common practice of a blogger. In quest for that I’ve spoken to a few bloggers and this is what I’ve concluded. Following are the top 10 activities of a blogger in blogosphere.

Starting from morning to late evening:

  1. Check blog for any comments and how traffic stats are for the previous night.
  2. Next, reply to e-mails, read new stories/blogs, write comments on others blog.
  3. Contemplate on a topic resulting in a story/article.
  4. Once topic is decided upon, then publish the story/article.
  5. Digg that article on digg, bookmark it on del.icio.us, publish it on technorati and other sites. Send some e-mails to your friends about the new story.
  6. Start monitoring traffic on your blog.
  7. Read other blogs, articles, and comment on those ones, which results in more traffic.
  8. Again monitor traffic.
  9. If current article/story hasn’t created any new traffic or made to top at digg, then start a new story/article which will break all records of blogs traffic.
  10. This cycle continues during the day until night and then the following day, hoping that my article/story will be topmost on digg or other social networking sites resulting in 10 mins of web fame.

We all live in hope for a better day and if this diminishes then we lose interest in what we do, it affects our passion and enthusiasm. So without worrying about negative aspects, lets be positive and aspire that reaching the top on digg (Web 2.o sites) is not far. Life is all about being an optimist.

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