The recent events in Nandigram makes me hang my head in shame. I had seen scenes like this only in the freedom struggle movies but what I saw on TV was shocking to say the least. There was an open war between the farmers at Nandigram and the police. The police and the farmers were pelting stones at each other and when two women came to carry the dead body of a farmer, they were brutally assaulted and they couldn’t carry the dead body.

This comes closely on the heels of the Singur controversy.

What is going on in Bengal? The govt. that harps on being the govt for the poor is hell bent upon destroying those very poor farmers.

The decision to setup a SEZ in Nandigram became a thorny issue for the govt when the farmers refused to give their lands away. The govt then send 3000 troops to “restore the rule of law in Nandipur”

West Bengal DGP A B Vohra said they were told to ‘‘restore the rule of law’’ in Nandigram and had mobilised as many 3,000 policemen early this morning. But the policemen, he said, faced stiff resistance from a 5,000-strong mob — members of the Save Land Committee who were armed with guns, bombs and other weapons.

Vohra said six bodies had been recovered and the death toll could rise as reports were awaited from other areas. A late night PTI report put the toll at 11 killed while partners of the ruling Left Front said it could be between 10 and 13 while the Opposition Trinamool claimed 20 people had been killed.

Are we living in a free country? Is this what happens in a free country? The govt can decide to take anybody’s land and then of course as usual fail to pay the proper compensation. When the land owner’s protest then bring in 3000 troops to control them and to remind them of the rule of law.

Sounds like a plot from the pre-independence era. Shameful!!!