The Government Of India has a history of paying inadequate compensations to the residents if the land is to be acquired for development purposes. I wonder why? Is it because the govt doesn’t value people’s property? Or it because it doesn’t value people at all? In every case there is a lot involved and in some cases it is difficult to judge who is right or wrong but can you think of someone being paid a price as low as Rs 24 per sq. yard for a piece of land close to Delhi? The land that should be sold for 4-5 lacks per sq yard is being bought for Rs 24 per sq yard? Yes, the govt is paying the Nangal Dewat villagers that kind of money for the proposed airport.

At current market rates, the price of his land would be about Rs 4-5 lakh per square yard but the Government is offering him Rs 24 per square yard. It’s the price that was fixed in 1972, when the land was first acquired.

In 1972 the govt had agreed to buy the land from the villagers at Nanagal Dewat at Rs 24 per sq. yard. At that time that might have been a fair compensation but after 30 years now it seems inadequate. And the govt. wants to go ahead with the original plan. I think the compensation should be re-evaluated now and should be made at fair market price. The DDA in its zeal to seal the deal before the commonwealth games is not paying any attention to the courts order as well.

The villagers of Nangal Dewat even went to the High Court seeking proper rehabilitation and compensation. The court then issued a stay order but the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) took no note of the order.

DDA instead told the villagers to vacate the village in 24 hours or else they would lose whatever little compensation they were entitled to.

While I think it is OK for the govt. to acquire property in the name of development, It is imperative of the govt to pay adequate compensation and relocation for the affected. The general observation is that govt. has failed to do so. I wonder why?

I am sure there is more to it than meets the eye. Maybe the govt. has its own reasons to do such a seemingly unfair deal. Can someone point out the arguments for the govt? Can some one make a case that the govt is doing the right thing? I would be more than glad to learn the other side of the story to get the complete picture.

Till then I wonder why?

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