What do u do when all you ever had vanishes and you have no one to blame? When you lose the roof above your head, and when you have no means of winning daily bread for your family? When there are thousands of people ready to help you, but you find no help?  No Idea? Ask the Tsunami victims.

 Two years after the tsunami, billions of dollars donated by governments and individuals around the world has still not been spent on reconstruction. Figures say, of the $6.7 billion pledged, $3.5 billion has not been spent. The only people who came knocking to their doors were ‘cash -for-organ’ brokers, eyeing the huge sea of prospective ‘donors’ in front of them. Their targets: anyone with a healthy kidney. tsunami.jpg

According to a recent BBC report, around 150 people of Ernavur, Tamil Nadu, mainly women are said to have undergone the dangerous surgery, in order to pay back debts and to keep the stove burning.The average price of a kidney: Rupees 50,000. An amount very often promised, but not paid.Revathy and Maria are among the large number women who have the same sad story to tell. The Chennai Police are probing into the issue. 

Organ sales are prohibited in India and is a punishable offence, but relatives are allowed to donate to the patient. The sad and shocking part of the story is that some of these operations were carried out in government hospitals. The government, according to an anonymous aid worker, seems to be disregarding this community because it is a marginalised one and feels the government would prefer the coast was used to build hotels. But, the result is: desperate people. 

Homeless, penniless, cheated, in deep pain, helpless and some, short of a kidney, best describes the state of many of the families in the Tsunami struck areas of Tamil Nadu. Its time the government stops shutting its eyes towards the poor if it really wants to improve conditions in India, and make it ‘Shining’ or ‘Incredible!’.