She comes down as the mesmerizing angel of the most secrets dreams you had. The alluring fragrance makes you a slave for her. Her stride leaves you thirsty. The glittering necklace, the robe, everything is as if it has been just made for her. She is like the eternal creation who makes you … STOP… STOP… STOP…

This is injustice, the whole world caters to the female species. The poor male is left to loom in the dark. Ok I’ll make this straight. Imagine yourself at the office in your favorite shorts on Monday morning. Eyes will pop out, short murmurings will erupt and you will be called to the BOSS’ cabin.. you are so dead… Look at it this way, the lady wants to wear a skirt. The industry is so willing to give her the options as – Party Skirts, Formal Skirts, Informal Skirts, Beach Skirts.. blah blah blah. Obviously she takes the Formal Skirts, again the options – Knee Length+side slit, knee length+front slit, knee length+back slit, 3/4th+(all 3 options), full length, full length+pleated… oh my god… And even the boss has a comment on that.

Go to a textile shop, the predominant male, has the same set of jeans and same boring set or dress to choose from. He puts on the same dress everyday, the choices are limited. The Lady on the other had has an entire industry specialized in making dress to suit her. The options are unlimited. Still she says she has nothing to wear; Goes shopping comes back with a dozen bags.

On all public occasions the male dress kill him and the females, dresses-to-kill. The male appear in dark colours for formal occasions, the ladies they come in all colours possible pink, yellow, red, orange. Peach is a fruit to men, but its a colour to them. Men are made to ‘dress-hard’, cover every inch, but women hardly-dress. We have been reduced to benign voyeurs.

Be Proud to be a Woman… What are we men Doing???

(Inspired from the article – Men in black, Women in very Little by Suhel Seth, that appeared in the TimesLife, Sunday Supplement of TOI)