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It’s the billion-dollar question running on every cricket loving Indian’s mind these days and is one question that is quite impossible to answer at this stage. Yes, we are a strong one-day team with an impressive batting line-up, a good bowling squad and undoubtedly we have a capable captain, yet will we be the World Champions?  

And here’s an interesting story in the Indian Express saying, “Why Team India Needs to Win the World Cup” and Arjuna Ranatunga says “India Should Win the World Cup”.   

With less than a week for the action to begin, the tension is getting to build up. Cricket seems to be the ruling topic of all discussions, be it at the office pantry or among the group of girls walking down the corridor.  

The vegetable pushcart vendor down our street opines candidly – “India will win only if they stop their dependency on Sachin and don’t fall like a pack of cards when he gets out.” 

“What India lacks is killer instinct!” rallied my neighborhood aunty in her high-pitched voice. “Absolutely no fighting spirit” she sadly shook her head.

Everybody worth his or her salt seems to have an opinion on this. So what do you think? Will India bring home the cup?

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