I confess I had not heard of Moni Kumar Subba, a Congress MP  from Tezpur, Assam, before this story broke. CNN IBN has been probing into his past and has found that this MP was born more than once, that too in different places in different years. They have the proof in the form of documents which they have published here.

The news report says:

An investigation team probing his roots has dug up evidence to show that…in Lok Sabha records, Subba is perhaps the only MP to have two different places of birth. The Subba dossier in the 12th Lok Sabha records his place of birth as Tezpur, Assam, his date of birth being March 16, 1951. But his dossier for the current (14th) Lok Sabha shows his place of birth as Dabgram (Darjeeling) in West Bengal, and the date of birth as March 16, 1958

This isn’t all. When the Investigation team talked to Karma Kanu, Subba’s third wife (1978-1991) she said that she had never heard of Dabgram, where her husband was allegedly born. She makes a valid point when she points out:

If he belongs to Dabgram, there has to be someone there who is related to him

Our Assam MP hasn’t just fudged his age. Apparently the school he went to does not exist…or at least it didn’t during the years he claimed to have studied there. As it says here:

As per his academic records, Subba…studied at Gandhi Vidyalaya, Bordubi, in Assam’s Tinsukia district. His Lok Sabha nomination papers of 2004 show he completed his Class VIII from Gandhi Vidyalaya in 1972, a claim duly recorded on the official Lok Sabha website as well. But Karma Kanu, who married Subba in 1978 as his third wife, says Subba has no records to show that he ever attended a school in Assam. “He hasn’t studied. So who gave him the certificate? You guys go and find out from his school,” she says. CNN-IBN’s Special Investigation went to Tinsukia for a cross-check…and discovered that Subba could have never been a student in the school..Bordubi’s Gandhi Vidyala primary school and the medium school were established in 1973 and the high school in 1999. But Subba claims to have passed Class VIII from Gandhi Vidyalaya in 1972!

Wait, worse is to come! There is a case in the Supreme Court against Subba, challenging his nationality! In fact there are even reports that the MP is a murder convict who escaped to India and then after he came here he set up successful illegal businesses and slowly started to wipe out his past. He has got himself elected to Parliament twice. Ofcourse Subba denies everything and in fact is incensed that his nationality has been challenged as he feels that proving the nationality of a MP is not necessary. He has said:

Do you have brains? You doubt the citizenship of an MP? Are you a citizen yourself? You’re a common citizen, but we are supreme. I have been an MLA from Assam twice and then an MP, and you are talking of citizenship. Where have you come from? Do you have brains? This is how Subba reacted when he was asked to comment on the allegations about his nationality.

In fact the same news report suggests that documents from Nepal could prove that Subba is criminal called Moni Raj Limbo who escaped after being imprisioned for the murder of his sister.

A shocking story, and quite a bizarre one. If you want you can hear Subba talk on hidden camera.

Ofcourse this story has given ammunition to the BJP and they are planning to stoke a big fire in parliament. Well, nothing wrong with that as this Subba story is quite crazy…but I think that the BJP should also find ways to verify the antedecents of its own MP’s. The situation now is such that MP’s from any party can get any number of forged affadavits stating (or fudging) almost anything about themselves. And no one bothers to check. This is proved by the careless way in which Subba has covered up his past. Why is police verification (preferably by the CBI) not done for each and every affadavit submitted? After all these are the people who are supposed to be governing us!