Times have changed and will continue to do so. Jobs have changed and so have empolyers. Recruiting strategies have changed and so have employers, so why not the way you write your CV? Why just write, why not say it all in person? Bingo!!!In comes the Video CV!!! Yes that’s right Video resume is the new thing in hiring. Thousands of job applicants are uploading their video resumes for the prospective employers to take a first hand look at them in person and evaluate them.

Time has an interesting article It’s a wrap, You are hired.It all started with the Yale student Aleksey Vayner who submitted his you tube resume to UBS bank.

Enter Aleksey Vayner. The Yale student submitted his video résumé, titled Impossible Is Nothing, to investment bank UBS last fall. It became a YouTube classic, while its karate-chopping, tennis-acing, deep-thought-having star became the joke of Wall Street. But another funny thing happened: Vayner’s vanity creation awakened recruiters and job seekers to the possibilities of marrying the video CV to the Internet–and that may just revolutionize the job-search process as we know it.

The candidates are now uploading video resumes on YouTube. A lot of websites are coming up with Video resume capabilities. There is Jobster, vault.com, 62ndview, Hirevue, resumevideo to name a few.

Recently I have been doing a lot of hiring for companies and I can clearly see that video resume can benefit employers. A three minute video can clearly say a few things about the person’s communication skills, presentation skills etc and would save time on the first round of interviews. But like everything this also could have problems. As the article further points out there could be legal issues with video cv.

The paper résumé is egalitarian, more or less, and that’s why human-resources people are wringing their collective hands over visually enhanced job applications. Many recruiters won’t even accept CVs with photos attached for fear of lawsuits. Some companies even block out the candidate’s name, citing studies that showed bias toward the white-sounding ones. They’re worried that video résumés will invite lawsuits by candidates who could claim bias based on race, gender or age–indiscernible on paper but not on video.

But the co-president of vault.com is confident

Once the rest of the YouTube generation enters the workplace, “video résumés are going to be as ubiquitous as PDAs or iPods,” says Mark Oldman, a co-president of Vault.com

It all seems very interesting and we just have to see how far this thing goes but imagine if this thing picks up and you happen to be looking for a receptionist, suddenly the interview process becomes a lot more interesting. Doesn’t it? All right no need to let your imaginations go wild 🙂

But if you think you have it in you to say it all on video then post it on vault.com to enter the March’s big break challenge. If you can do it then that’s it, It’s a wrap, You are hired

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