This report by IBN Live :How MPs waste Rs 20,000 in 60 sec, tells us how inefficient the people that we elect can get. 20K is something close to what I get paid a month and simply put they just blow it up in a minute.

…Parliament disruptions cost the taxpayers Rs 20,000 a minute.

To run Rajya Sabha, it costs the government Rs 100 crore per year. The average no.of days that Rajya Sabha sits is 85, so it’s Rs one crore a day,….

According to the article industrialist-politician Rahul Bajaj has had enough that

he has written to the Rajya Sabha Chairman seeking exemplary monetary punishment for the ones who initiate and instigate adjournments.

We really need people who know the value of money. Most of the ministers these days will only be bothered if they lose something in crores at a time. A lost 20k wont never ever bother them. There goes a saying which I happened to hear from a movie, “For the want of a Nail, the Shoe was lost; For the want of a Shoe, the Steed was lost; For the want of a Steed, the Message was lost; For the want of an undelivered Message, the War was lost”.

There should be some kind of rule to be an MP or a minister. I wont suggest 10th pass. Since India is all set to take-on any superpower, the ministers require minimum education of Pre-Degree. That will make them more refined in their thoughts. Its a pity that we elect people who doesnt know the value of a rupee.