A lot of great posts on a range of topics here at Mutiny this week

Woke started off the week by writing about the unique dilemma faced by the Indian pharma companies .  He also posts about Bhut Jolokia – a chili named so because it is so hot that it can drive the ghosts away

A big warm welcome to Rahul who starts off his Mutiny stint by writing about cool e-bikes

Nita has 2 heartening posts. She posts about banks willing to hire senior citizens and about stem cell technology that can cure a man. She also takes a look at the INS Vikrant

Guru posts about the continuing Mashelkar Plagiarism controversy. He also posts on the state of the Indian Universities and the sins of Indian communism.

Swetha posts about the Indian theme park opening soon in ISKCON, Bangalore. She also wonders if India is really a free country since all the Tamil channels have been banned in Karnataka.

Jo writes about turnabout by government officials on the Smart City being built in Kerala.

Ujj celebrates Science Day by posting about it and shows us what we can do to celebrate it.

Maltesh posted his analysis on Laloo’s railway budget – a budget that is making everyone happy

Jerry posts his rant against menancing managers and states that the attrition rate cannot be fully attributable to Gen Xers

Chacko writes about the Hinduunity website. Hindumommy states that religion is not just about hate and points to two examples of secularism.

Chacko takes a look at the educational qualifications of Kerala ministers and has a post on an Indian student who was charged with making a terrorist threat apparently just because he got only 2 Bs and an A in his exams. Disgraceful indeed !

On a lighter note, Angelspace is surprised to see Ganesh-ji dancing in Ireland, Chacko links to the Nike ad on Youtube, Hindumommy takes a funny look at traffic in India and Jerry has a funny post on his colleague who broke his hand.

Cakerfare takes a look at Indian punctuality and vows to become more punctual

The menance of stray dogs was definitely the topic of the week – with Nita telling us why a person dies every 30 minutes of dog bites (because there isn’t enough vaccine) and Swetha posting heart wrenching photos of a toddler Manju who was bitten by dogs.

Chacko ends the week by wishing all the Mutiny readers a Happy Holi.

Happy Holi to the Mutiny readers. Do join our Orkut community and keep coming back for more Mutiny posts