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With inflation at more than 6% and fuel prices zooming only upwards, it is hard time for the common man in India. But now there is an easy and fun way to cut the pain in your pocket. It is simple. Just get yourself an E-bike (electric bike) – two-wheelers that run on electric power instead of petrol/gasoline.

There are many advantages of using E-bikes.

  • Zero fuel consumption!
  • Lower maintenance costs (almost negligible).
  • Environment Friendly (zero emissions).
  • They can run for 10 to 15 paise per km in comparison to fuel cost of Rs1 per Km for regular bikes or two-wheelers.

Though the cost (Rs14,000 to Rs 35,000 depending on the model) of E-bikes is a little more than petrol powered bikes, the obvious advantages cannot be overlooked. Plus, as these bikes have a top speed of 25 Kmph, are below 25 cc category and are gearless, most of them do not fall under ‘Automotive Research Association of India’ (ARAI) requirements. So there is no need of registration and payment of road tax. One doesn’t even need a license to drive these bikes! Now ain’t that cool!

According to a recent 10-city study by A C Nielsen, it is assumed that the nascent electric two-wheeler (E-bike) market in India is at nearly 5 lakh units. It is not a small market for a comparatively new technology and obviously many companies want to launch their models in India. According to (ARAI), since January this year atleast 12 companies have applied for certification to launch their E-bikes in the Indian market.

Among the existing E-bike manufacturers the well-known ones are:

  • Electrotherm India (Ahmedabad based), Brand name: Yo-Bikes.
  • Ace Motors (Maharashtra based).
  • Hero Electric [this is a joint venture between the Hero group (India) & Ultra Motors (UK)].
  • Atlas (Haryana)

Various surveys indicate that its only a matter of time that E-bikes take-off in a big way in India and become a popular mode of transport. So students, housewives, office travelers or whoever you may be, just be ready for the ‘E-effect’!

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