Kerala ranks very high in human development indexes, especially in education. Unfortunately, if were to look at the bios of several of our Ministers, it’s a different story all together. Here are a few,

MA Baby, Minister for Education and Culture, BA Degree failed

KP Rajendran, Minister for Land Revenue and Legal Metrology, 10th class pass BA LLB

Premachandran, Minister for Water and Irrigation, 10th class pass Bsc LLB

AK Balan, Minister for Electricity and SC/ST Welfare, 10th class fail BA LLB

S Sharma, Minister for Fisheries, 10th class fail, ITI Diploma

Elamaram Kareem, Minister for Commerce and Industries, 10th class fail plus two

Paloli Kutty, Minister for Rural Development and Town Planning, 5th class

Kodiyeri Balan, Minister for Home, Vigilance and Tourism, 8th class BA

VS Achunanathan, Chief Minister, 4th class 7th class

Politics is surely a career option, otherwise most of these guys would be unemployed.

If Kerala is to move ahead, we need quality ministers. Until then it looks like we are going to more of politics and less of development.