An Indian graduate student  was charged with making a terrorist threat, after walking into a university building and claiming to have a bomb and anthrax.

Why? Because he got only two Bs and an A in his exams.

Sujithkumar Venkatramolla, attending the University of Missouri-Rolla, was also charged with falsely reporting a bomb threat, resisting arrest, first degree assault and armed criminal action.

Police were called to the campus about 2:30 a.m. CST on Tuesday and found Venkatramolla in a civil engineering building holding a bag, and claiming to have a bomb and anthrax (it was actually sugar), police said. After a brief standoff, he was subdued with a taser gun and taken into custody, they said.

The campus was closed all day because of the threat and 23 people, including nine faculty and students, underwent a decontamination process because of the threat of anthrax.

Venkatramolla, who the university said is 22 years old, enrolled last year and had been studying civil engineering. He is in jail, with bond set at $250,000.

All this over an exam result?

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