25 days ago the Cauvery verdict was announced and it has been 25 days since all the prominent Tamil channels have been banned in Karnataka. What’s the connection one may ask?Apparently one section of the society states that the cable operators association is supporting the government’s decision in opposing the decision of the tribunal, while others feel that the cable operators fear the wrath of the Kannada activists. Yet another group rationalizes that viewers may get influenced or agitated, as the case might be, seeing the reactions in Tamil nadu. But nobody, not even the cable operators seem to know how this ban came into effect and nor are they aware when the situation is going to be reversed.

Freedom of expression is one of the most fundamental of all rights yet our government feels the need to regulate it. So what can we next expect after banning channels, websites & blogs? What kind of a freedom do we enjoy if we need to be spoon-fed predigested news, either on TV or in mainstream print? And what in the name of the good lord are consumer rights?

Except a few disgruntled voices here and there nobody seems to care enough to even muster a protest. And to think that some pompous bureaucrat sitting in his office & passing such blanket regulations, with no explanations whatsoever, is totally unjustified and irks me no end.

Now that the Karnataka government has rejected the decision of the Central tribunal and are seeking legal review, when do we get our channels back please?

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