Nita has recently written a post on traffic accidents in India with some scary statistics on the number of deaths from road accidents.

My personal experience tallies with what Nita states in her post..I’ve driven in a lot of states in the US (even going at 100 mph on a stretch from Nevada to California),  in Canada and in London but am too chicken to drive in India even though the speed limits are a lot less.

Everytime I visit India, my blood pressure rises up a few points as I hold on to dear life while the autorickshaw driver is busy maneuvering thru a narrow space between big buses or trucks that I am sure he will not be able to fit in.

Crossing the road is another adventure. I hold on tightly to the hands of whoever is next to me and run for my life.

But here’s a link to a Youtube video which presents a different funny viewpoint on the traffic in India

I don’t know which city in India this video was taken but it’s amazing how the traffic keeps moving with not even a single accident inspite of total chaos

Enjoy 🙂