Today we celebrate the National Science Day.

The Government of India, way back in 1986, at the initiative of the National Council for Science and Technology communication (NCSTC), Department of Science & Technology (DST), declared 28 February as the National Science Day and Instituted National Science Popularisation awards. In addition to remembering with gratitude the contributions of the renowned Nobel Laureate, C.V. Raman, the Government stands committed to inculcating a scientific temper in all so that overall development of society can be achieved. For several days (upto a month), either starting or culminating on this day, special meetings, functions, debates, lectures, seminars, competitions and so on are organised with a view to giving impetus to science popularisation activities. In addition, NCSTC, DST installed the following awards, to recognie and honour outstanding work in the following areas

  1. Best efforts in science popularisation
  2. Best S & T coverage in newspapers
  3. Best S & T FILM
  4. Best efforts in science popularisation among children
  5. Best S&T toy/Do-it-yourself kit

Subsequently the awards were rationalised and their number reduced to three. The selection for the awards has been on the basis of work done during the past five calendar years. They have been given away every year since 1987.

The National award for best effort in science popularisation is presented to either an individual or an institution for outstanding work in science popularisation.

The National Award for best S&T coverage in mass media (RS. 50,000) has been instituted to honour an individual OR an institution for outstanding contribution to S&T coverage in mass media – print, radio, television, or film.

Finally, the National Award for science popularisation among children (Rs. 50.000) is awarded for best efforts towards popularisation of science and promotion of scientific temper amongst children. This again can be presented to either an individual or an institution.

Well what do you do on Science Day?