I understand Lord Ganesha is known by 108 different names. I wrote ‘I understand’ because I did some ‘google’ing and found this. Why my sudden interest in Lord Ganesha? Its because I happened to spot him dancing in Ireland, but was unable to answer some of the questions my Irish friends asked regarding him. Yes, Don’t go back up 2 lines and check if you read it right, it was ‘I happened to spot him dancing’. Surprised?? Well, he was also playing Uileann pipes some time later and No, I haven’t been drinking too much of Guinness. Oh Yes, speaking of Guinness, his beloved vehicle, the ‘mosik’(mouse), was playing an instrument and enjoying a pint of Guinness.

Ok, I know you must be wondering if I’ve totally lost it. I haven’t. I did spot Ganeshji, doing all that I claimed he was at….Victoria’s way.

Victoria’s Way is Irelands largest and most spectacular  Sculpture Park. Spread out over 22 acres, it contains 14 major black granite sculptures. The theme of Victoria’s Way is the hero’s Journey, whereby the sculptures show stages of the path to self-completion and ultimate happiness. There is a meditation path for the spiritually inclined and a philosophic maze unique in Europe.Built as a place of recluse, the park,Victoria’s Way, is inspired by all that is spiritual in the modern sense of the word. So the Ganesha sculpture is seen playing Uileann pipes or even dancing, at times. The park offers a wonderful blend of the modern and the traditional.

Read on about Victorias way, the man behind the sculptors under ‘leisure’ section here and about who else you can spot at the Park and how to get there.