My post on created a lot of noise. There were some relevant voices but most were from people who were looking for an opportunity to vent their long bottled up sense of insecurity.

As my set deadline of March 1, approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to make a concluding note on the topic. I hope this will put aside the false filth and threats that have been targeted against me.

For a start, I have communicated my concern and complaint to my MP, who is taking up the matter with the concerned ministry. I will make sure whatever happens will be done without any additional publicity for the concerned hate website.

A few of the commentators on that post questioned my patriotism and loyalty to the nation. I frankly don’t care. I don’t think there is any reason to prove anything to these insecure individuals and organisations.

Rahul GandhiThis experience has however taught me Hinduism is under threat. Not only by ‘god women’ who treat our national flag like a floor mat. But from organisations like who seems to more concerned about what Islam, Christianity and Rahul Gandhi are doing than HinduUnity itself. is a disgrace to Hinduism. What does spreading filth about Rahul Gandhi raping a woman got to do with Hinduism or Hindu unity? Aren’t these people tarnishing they image of six millennium old religion?

Here is their tagline, “If the love for my country Bharat is considered Hindu Militancy, then so be it !!

This is sad.

Oh, is based in the US run by Americans too. Ironic, isn’t it?