When ever we hear about attrition rate rocketing skywards, we blame the younger generation. Its there demoralised approach towards the work, the resignation that comes as part of the higher salary that was offered, their fast life and utter dis-regard to values. We blame them heavily. We put the blame entirely on them.

No way the entire crown is not at fault. Attrition is also a direct result of senseless managers and deaf employee-grievance system that are there in many companies. Nita pointed out that banks are now hiring senior citizens, but that wont solve the problem if the companies don’t tackle this menacing managers.

I can site many such incidents, where the employee left b’coz the manager was senseless. He failed in understanding the employee, failed to understand the work pressure. Rather than supporting the employee the manager ended up pressurizing the employee, finally he/she ended up quiting. They morally degrade you if you don’t go the way they want, they pull you down, they expect you to work late through the night and be at your desk the very next day morning without fail. You give them the right reasons for not meeting the target and they don’t just understand.

My views are of one who is in the IT industry and I’m facing this ‘Menacing Manager’ everyday. He just made me work and work, he never had to give us work literally, he showed us facts and figures and told us to meet that target. I found myself working till 9pm everyday and coming back the next day at 8:30 and working again. I had the realization quite recently.

What did I do? I ended up fighting with him practically at every meeting for what I wanted. What can he do at the max? Release me from this project, I’m more than happy.

Taking such a resort puts much at stake. What if there was the opportunity of an on-site opportunity or a good hike coming your way? Will you still fight or continue to obediently do what your manager sets for you. I chose not to sell my soul to the devil, and be honest to myself and earn what is rightfully mine.