India has a young population. Maybe that is one of the reasons why discrimination on the basis of age is so rampant here. There are so many young, fresh souls to choose from. We have written about this problem here.
However, it was intriguing to read an article in the Mumbai Mirror today which said:

Faced with huge salary burden and attrition rate among employees, banks and financial institutions are lining up to recruit senior citizens for their call centres and desk jobs as they are more dependable and are unlikely to hop jobs for some extra bucks. Also, the elderly have been found to be more loyal and honest than the Gen-X, many of whom treat values like honesty and loyalty as outdated

Whats heartening is that it is not just people over forty that the banks are looking at…but senior citizens, people who are well past their ‘retirement’ age. And to tap this resource various banks have approached Dignity Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) working for welfare of senior citizens. ICICI for example has asked for 100 people who will work part-time and get a good salary, plus benefits.
One doesn’t know whether this is an isolated example or whether it is the beginning of a trend. Being an optimist, I prefer to think of it as a trend. After all everyday in the newspapers we hear about the shortage of qualified people. Senior citizens may well be the second choice for companies, but at least the fact that they can contribute is being acknowledged.
It is about time that importance is given to an individual. About time that we looked at whether a person has initiative and ability, rather than at his birthdate.