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This weekend we had some out of town guests who desired to see the ISKCON. Having seen it a couple of times on similar occasions I thought it would be a boring routine with nothing to look forward to. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Proof of having-relatives-in-the-right-places-has-its-own-advantage was that we never had to wait in any of those long queues. We were quickly taken on tour of the three opulent shrines and then taken to the boardroom. Here we got a quick overview of the wonderful & commendable work that Akshaya Patra accomplishes day on day through its “Mid Day” meal program. An underprivileged child can be fed for a whole year with as little as INR 1200 or 28 dollars.

Next, we were taken through a glimpse of what they call the “India Heritage Theme Park” presentation and it sure looked impressive. With an investment of over 350 crores at Vasanthapura, Bangalore South Taluk, this unique park could be India’s Disneyland. The difference being that instead of Disney characters here children can get to see & experience Krishna through a myriad of ways.

The pet project of the President of ISKCON Bangalore, he feels that Indian children are getting more and more influenced by western characters such as Mickey Mouse & Superman due to their slick presentation. In this age of globalization we would lose out on our culture if it weren’t packaged & presented in an attractive manner. So this is going to be a rather huge attempt to re-introduce Indian mythological heroes in the form of Krishna, Hanuman and Narasimha into the entertainment landscape of Indian children.

Among the major attractions would be a walk through the ‘then’ Vrindavan village, see animated close to life characters enacting scenes from various mythologies, such as Prahalad being tortured and Krishna in Narasimha’s avtaar rushing to his rescue. Giant Water Screens, Laser shows and 4D Theatres where the special effects integrated seats enhance the experience of viewing with varied features such as vibrations, fog & mist blast, air tickle & leg tickle.

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Imagine being in a roller coaster ride, close to a 50 ft drop, when the huge serpent-demon Aghasura looms ferociously in front of you and the thrill of being ‘rescued’ by Krishna. That’s India Heritage Theme Park for you.

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