The week saw the mutineers sparing little time for disappointment after losing out in the Indibloggies 2007 awards. Congratulations to the winners!

(We are destined for far greater things 😉 )

Nita started off the week by pointing out that India has the dubious distinction of having the highest number of road accidents in the world and that about 80% of Road Accidents are caused by Human Error.

Vishal takes some time off from the heated discussion on Mutiny to better understand the Hindu caste system and states how he is a working Shudra though he is born as a Brahmin.

Woke youtubed Will Smith singing Aati Kya Khandala and also put together the con-man’s guide to become a handwriting expert. 🙂 He also stirred up some discussion about the most unspoken religion in India – Atheism. Later during the week he wondered if Ralph Fiennes is the best person to be the Unicef HIV Ambassador only to be pinned down by two Fiennes (or were they UNICEF?) fans.

Ujj scores a Mutiny exclusive with his interview with Anand Jain who is one of the founders of Burrp, an online platform for reviewing local restaurants .

Nita has been using Google desktop for some months now until she found out that it had a major security flaw all the while.Money, she finds is the main reason MTV Desi shut shop inspite of having an audience while she says Colas winning battle against the Kerala government has a different story altogether.

Guru closely follows all the action surrounding the Mashelkar committee and everything you ever wanted to know about plagiarism.

Jo lives to tell the story of a fan on Amrita Express that thankfully didn’t break (as promised by the guard) on his way to Thrissur

Swetha Iyer discovers a nightmare waiting to happen on a pleasure walk in Bangalore. Her post about a disrespect Godwomans disrespect towards the Indian flag sparks anger against Mataji Nirmala Devi – not many found the clarification from a trustee member convincing enough. She ends the week by writing about the Parents and Senior Citizens Bill and wonders if it is a reflection of the times we live in.

Keep coming back next week for more posts and lively discussions on The Great Indian Mutiny.