The pleasant weather last evening, which Bangalore is famous for, compelled even a slothful person like me to take a stroll. Within few minutes my leisure walk quickened to a brisk pace and soon I had to hasten myself home. Reason? Stray dogs.

A popular forward mail claims that one of the things Bangalore is famous for is “stray dogs” and goes on to spout statistics: On an average 12 people are bitten by stray dogs per MINUTE somewhere in Bangalore. Though not sure about the number quoted, street dog menace is definitely a cause of worry to public safety.

People who commute in the night, especially those who ride two-wheelers, can vouch this for a fact. Getting terrified of chasing dog’s cause accidents that is even fatal at times. Parents are worried of letting their children play outside after dark.

Recent incidents like the one in Chandra Layout where a little girl was mauled to death by a pack of nine dogs brought this menace to the forefront. After the hue and cry raised by the public & when matters went up to the Assembly, Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) got into action. As was discovered this issue was not just limited to Bangalore alone, other districts in Karnataka soon did a reality check and found Hubli, Dharwad, Mysore and Belguam faced similar problems.

But as is the matter with most issues in this country, when public outcry fades so do the authorities. While CUPA and PETA are doing commendable work they are still a long way from making Bangalore free from street dogs.

Despite such grave issues there are many a dog lover who’s heart would bleed if euthanasia were even suggested. One such person filed a PIL a few years back and the court ordered the killing of street dogs to be stopped. And since then on stray dogs are being ‘sterilized’. But is this a viable solution? Is BMP realizing the mammoth task in hand of actually sterilizing the entire doggie population in Bangalore?

Meanwhile angry animal activists raise the shackles asking how arrogant can we humans can ever get, to try & change Nature’s balance? They state that the main causes for this is the dumping of meat waste that attracts stray dogs to the area, & secondly BMP is unable to check unauthorized meat shops.

While the debate surges, a solution to this issue is far from sight.

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