Mutiny Weekly Roundup Feb 12-18 2007

What better way to start the week than being nominated for the Indibloggies Best Group/Community Blog. Chacko, busy tackling a flurry of attacks (which he calls ‘limelight’) found time to rake up an issue or two with the Indibloggies poll system. Debashish was quick to clarify though.

Reflecting on the acquisition spree by Indian companies abroad, Sri made an excellent summary on the short term and long term outlook of these developments. Not long ago, he had pointed out a Tatanic Blunder.

Guru’s post about the plagiarism charges against the Mashelkar committee generated plenty of discussion. He followed it up with an analysis of the associated issues and then gave us a link to ponder.

“The fundamental fact is that this universe has limits”, is important in deciding upon alternatives, making choices and taking policy and strategic decisions.” Suhit pointed out that India’s and China’s strategic interest on bio-fuels can be potentially disastrous and may create an unprecedented water crisis.

Nita started off her week by discovering a new caste system in nursery schools. She went on to point out why the Congress lost the Maharashtra civic elections and wondered why India is not following the footsteps of China in the fight against corruption. And she certainly did not miss forgotten actress Sarika’s new avatar.

The new candidate for the President of India also proved to be an interesting topic as chacko reckoned that Mr. Bachan confessed to him about his lack of interest in politics. Chacko’s money is now on Narayana Murthy (and thankfully Shilpa Shetty is not in the scene as yet) while Nita pledges her support for A P J Kalam’s second term.

Maltesh gave us some interesting predictions as for what finance minister, Mr. Chidambaram’s kitty bag will have in the 2007 Annual Budget while Jo was in Kerala discovering more about Theyyam, an ancient socio-religious ceremony and interviewing a renowned Theyyam performer in his two-part series. Later during the week, Maltesh also pointed out how the Nithari Killings prompted a new Child Abuse Bill.

Valentines day in India is not exactly roses and mushy poems as Cakefare found out while Swetha traced the perennial shortage of coins India to a shopping mall.

But undoubtedly, the week belonged to chacko for threatening to sue for ‘inciting hatred’. What followed was an interesting debate barring a few visitors who started an anti-christian tirade without even taking the trouble to read the full post. Chacko signed up as a ‘Swayamsevak in the RSS‘ to settle the issue but was ultimately banned.

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