I’m no longer a member of the virtual Orkut RSS. I have been banned. No reason given.

I’m not upset about it because the Orkut RSS seems to to run by a bunch of insecure morons incapable of any dialogue.

For the sober ones, here is a summary of what has happened so far.

  1. I make a post about a hate website based in the US run by Americans called Christainaggression.org
  2. This Orkut RSS member, post this message – “Urgent-Christian Crusader threatens to sue Hindus” on Orkut RSS message board and HinduUnity.org message boards.
  3. What followed can be read here and here.

It’s rather shameful that someone left this message on our comments:

“we will teach christians a lessons just like we did with muslims in gujarat.”

Well done Orkut Swayamsevaks. I’m sure the real RSS is very proud of you.

I’m waitng for your lesson. Bring it on.