Abdul Kalam Indian President

In case you like and respect President Kalam and would like to see him continue his tenure as the President, you can sign a petition given at the end of this post. This petition has been spearheaded by Sujeet Shilamkar from Pune, India, who is involoved with a social service organisation called the Pune Nagrik Manch. This petition is hosted at PetitionOnline.com as a public service. The campaign was started a few months ago to build pressure on political parties, members of parliament and members of the various legislative assemblies and councils who form the electoral college for the presidential elections. The polls are to be held in August 2007. The number of signatures have suddenly jumped in the last month or so – so much so in fact that the newspapers reported it today. In the 24 hours from 15th to 16th February there have been as many as 9000 signatures. According to a Times of India report:

The endorsement number one lakh for the petition posted by the Pune Nagarik Manch (PNM) was recieved on February 15th, taking it to the top position among all online petitions worldwide. Featured on PetitionOnline, a portal which provides free hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy, the other top online petitions included a call for a ban on killing of whales in Japan and one concerning air passengers’ bill of rights before US Congress

You can click below to sign:

I want President APJ Kalam to continue as President

As of now there have been a total of 112989 signatures 🙂

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